See how much can save by listening

The strategy

This is something magical strategy. even though you are highly experienced. maybe highly educated. on the top of the organization. let’s see how listening to others: the art of solving problems.

here I am going to show you a miracle unique. this is awesome. if know how it works out. it’s not a super tech theory.

It’s a simple and powerful technique that can use intentionally.

How to solve a critical problem?

in my experience, this is working 90% of the time. when a critical failure occurred in the production process. what do you do?

if technicians cannot handle the situation. somehow you call engineers the solve the case. of course they might succeed. there are incidents that they cannot even? then how?

in some critical situations, they can never do, engineers propose to remove the whole system out? I knew this. then as an organization, there are many types of is a nice way of listening to others: the art of solving problems.

If the situation is too hard,then?

in special cases, this also fails again and again. then how? company will try to invest to hire the best people in this regard. but still, the headache is not over? this is the time a miracle going to happen. how listening to others: the art of solving problems. let’s check out

You can learn by listening

Sep no:1

If you are the CEO or the chairman of the company. call for a meeting of all levels of the staff. express clearly to them what the problem is. then you can offer a prize if anybody among you, “can tell us a real solution?” see what will happen! they will motivate and will come up with some solutions. because the prize is big.

Step no:2

even not related to the respective department, few smart people will try to think out of frame. ask them to come forward and describe,

how to do it? listen carefully for their suggestions. this technique is “listening to others”.

A story: not a fairy tale

I will tell you an example .this is famous in Japan. a long time ago there was a soap manufacturing company. they produced popular soaps in nice cardboard boxes. the brand was so good and people like to have them. really worked.

suddenly there was a manufacturing fault. at the automatic packing section. the bug is some soapboxes, no soap inside. which means empty boxes were there.

however, everybody thought this is a simple fault and we will re-correct soon. but it was not.

similarly, they were struggling to make it ok, but again and again, failed to do so. the normal output of the production line was 100 soaps per one box.

but still were packing few empty boxes. means about 75% has soap inside. rest boxes were no soap inside.

so now the company faced a big problem. no one is there to re-correct this.

after that, customer complaints were huge. the boss tried to solve this mess with the engineering department. but was no solution.

then-boss invested to hire talented engineering consultants to re-correct. but still failed. he paid a lot of money to solve. but not recovered.

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

There may be many wise men: though we never know that

One day a smart guy, the tea maker of the company came to the boss and said, sir, I have a solution. the boss was a bit angry. and was looking at him and said, how can you? how much do you want? etc.

nothing sir, can I have a standing fan? yes of course.

the boss immediately provided a fan as he shows. after that, what the smart guy did was. he fixed the fan at the critical point. that is at the packing unit,

where the problem occurs. just focuses on the packing line. then empty boxes with no soap inside. they threw away due to the blow simply. empty boxes collect separately.

with none packed soap boxes & the problem was solved fully.

be a smart thinker

The lesson: understanding is precious

See the lesson, a huge problem solved in a minute. without paying a single cent! this is how miracles can happen. so listening to others is an expensive theory. only very smart men can handle it.

engineers focused and thought in one direction. but a simple technique saw another one. even without the higher education?

the point is this. a different think pattern here worked. if you can observe.

there are smart technicians /officers who have superb ideas instead of engineering hierarchies.

in conclusion, the brain of a one-person si a simple thing. but many brains have always many solutions. of course,

everything will not work. but one superb idea can solve the problems & can save a company. think further.

this is at no cost. good luck.

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