An innovator has an attitude of searching really. experimental mind is a must. you don’t need to have high skills. but the born experimental mind is necessary. if it was, it’s good news. but you can train your mind as a “goal chaser.” so will see actually, motivational approach to win? basically, average-minded people have less capability as a “search runner”. so very few men are ready to discover. and concern for new knowledge gaps. so you focus on a “pathfinder”.will find out that motivational approach to win?

no one is there to guide you or show you where you are going? except for the god. in this matter a peaceful mind is acting as the god. so try to build up a” path logged” mindset up. At the start I recommend you to start reading these blog posts if you go for innovations.

How to manage? Planning Accuracy

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if you involve with a great idea that is very much important to mankind and with the interested field, try to have a primary planner set up. this will help you to reach the goals .which far away and no one has gone ever so far!

no matter how difficult it is. this is possible in your mind. to be a great character is not easy. but if the mind is ready you are ready.

How to survive in this game? think like the Olympics

you will identify so many barriers. it’s difficult to play for a gold medal. but relax first, try to solve them one by one. this is a matter of the knowledge this manner, you will notice that the motivational approach to win

think about, every great innovation in the world, made in human minds. so start with positive brainpower. your pioneer attempts can fail. it doesn’t matter at least you tried.

so congratulations! you are leveled happy.

Be aware

How do you know that I am capable of doing this? think like Energizer:

basically, this is a matter of mind. if you have a proper positive mindset. may feel it. because it gives some good signals like “ok”/ “go ahead” etc. if identify a difficult case.

wait a little while, calm down. maybe trying to leave, let it be there.

believe my mind is solving this matter. let’s give him a rest. of the case, the mind has many capabilities to solve this kind of problem. he needs time .why don’t you help him? the human brain can bear situations. so sometimes struggling with a single matter many times is boring. isn’t it?.


first, you might not have a fully equipped computerized super lab! satisfy what you have now. appreciate the god. Do you already have many blessings except the lab?

so do not worry about full facilities. similarly, read many life stories of great scholars. they had nothing physically. how ever, if you have them almost.

for instance, you might not think about innovations. you will start a company instead.

in my experience research and development section of an organization is the key strategic outline in this matter.

no matter with super facilities. if you have something to start is enough. to reach the destination.

rich in mind. wealthy in mind. satisfy with things given by the god.

the power of you


be un-stoppable .due to many reasons you might think negatively. that “this is never going to happen. better I quit now”NOPE. means your think flow should be in one direction. that is ahead.

in addition, if progress is slow. it doesn’t matter. speed is not a point here if the direction is correct. after that you can survive with courage. one of the key points is this.

How to start? key steps

Key step 01: Identifying characters

try to be an extraordinary innovative character. sure this is not easy to happen. I mean in mind first, in the deep bottom of the heart. insist on it. if the mind accepts your request. this is like a stream falling from a rock mountain. we are going to prove that motivational approach to win.

you may read this kind of awesome character.

here are few examples

  • Nikola Tesla (1856-1943),
  • Thomas Edison(1847-1931).
  • Elbert Einstein(1879-1955).
  • Isac Newton (1643-1727)
  • Bill Gates(1955-*65 years) etc.

if you interest in reading. life stories can learn thousand of smart to work with what you have.

targets changing. if you have no idea about really what happened at the end. even no matter.


UBER taxi company haven’t a single-vehicle on business. they hire vehicles.

the lesson is what you are focusing on. start can change according to global trends.

Key step 02: Be positive

think you are born to be an innovator. with a positive mind setup, think from different angles. an ordinary man can see a problem in few ways .you, ask yourself.” I am quite different I can see this from many angles. try to be so smart. yes, of course, motivational approach to win.

in other words, your mind will support you definitely. this is a universal law.dont affraid of strat.when you think and observe, just because of that you become level-up.

above all, the start is a bit difficult always. think about what you are fighting for.

Key step 3: The competition between rabbit and the tortoise

rabbit is much faster than a tortoise, sure, he thinks he has enough time to reach the destination. but the tortoise is much smarter than the rabbit. how nice?

he can’t run so he walks towards the goal no-stop.

therefore be a tortoise, not a rabbit. keep struggling on. don’t fall. keep your eyes on the line.

few moments after you will see the winning post.

go ahead

No invitation from anyone in the world

it’s better not to show the signals. show results instead.

taking this way by only yourself.don’t expect a second one. better to be alone. you can have unbelievable results. so now it’s become true no? “motivational approach to win”

go on. good luck.

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