is 5g harmful

Is 5G Harmful?

Hello friends. nice to see you here. today our discussion is about 5G. it’s pretty important. we all like fast internet connections. is it really 5G harmful to humans? although we have to embarrass this super tech, is it enough care was there? absolutely not! so now we get into trouble? we try to analyze this matter carefully. still, if you are in a heavy microwave environment? that’s high time to be aware. this is a problem with health. we have to care about ourselves.

What is the technology behind 5G?

As we already know, the main function comes with microwaves. frequencies are 3GHz to 28GHz.basically transmission for data signals.

IS 5G Harmful really?

This has become a massive problem now. people started to protest over 5G installations? is this much radiation no good?

5g conspiracy
5g conspiracy

Why this technology became A Conspiracy?

It’s a very interesting thing to discuss. here we will suggest to you some good facts. then the decision comes to your side.

Number 1: “We Need fast Internet”

When a super technology emerges up, people like to grab it without searching for side effects? do you agree with me? of course 5G gives fast internet connections. both speeds download & upload. it’s really interesting.

Number 2: Business focus

Now everything has a business purpose. so inventors look forward to that mainly. they do not focus on telling their investors that ” this seems too harmful, and we suggest to stop this” . what a disaster? Mostly, the inventor’s duty is not that? then why this has become a matter?

Number 3:The attitude of scientists

They will say “sure, we are running forward”. “not looking back, and we do not go that side”. so now you know why they do not offer evidence on 5G harmfulness. the simple answer is “NO NEED“. Huh… you read this already!

What we can do? Here are 5 best things

Is there nothing? hmm… it is not the way. there are many things that actually we can do. let’s figure out some possible things.

1st; Create Community Engagement: IS 5G HARMFUL?

Now you know what I want to say. yes of course. use as much as possible social media engagements. it might be FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, LINKED IN. REDDIT, IMGUR., or whatever you have. and use methods whatever you practiced. this is not a protest. I mean really a Discussion. both pros and cons you can share. when it comes up viral, governments will take suitable actions on this. don’t underestimate that these social media are now super powerful.

2nd; If 5G Harmful really or not sure…then?

Why not you can remove it by devices. it’s optional for users normally. then average users drop-down, companies will turn back?

3rd; The protest

Actually many cities are now started. you have the right to oppose this. but this depends on the attitude of people.

4th; Educate Next Generation on “Is 5G Harmful?”

This is one of the fantastic methods. because some countries are already started 6G,7G, and even 9G (Norway). this we can call “single side development of technology”. at this moment many countries stated to remove Microwave oven productions. due to the “unnecessary radiation on foods”. we learned a good lesson. why don’t we apply the same technology? this is what we must educate the next generation.

5th; Connect with Researchers on this field

It is not impossible to do. via social media, you can engage with them. and influence them to do some researches on” is 5G harmful?”. why not they will come forward. at least a few will be successful no?

So we conclude this discussion for now. let’s see what will happen? 5G companies or people?

good luck

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