10 Elegant steps that really you can try

Step 1: Collecting data for the journey

Read about the great scholars, heroes, kings. and also great scientists, innovators, successful businessmen, etc. this will help you to find your legend somehow. discuss with your mind who I want to be? that’s the start of how to be a legend.

of course, this is not easy & will take time. normally in a journey with million steps. in addition, the first, second, and third steps are heavy and hard. if you really how to be a legend. how ever, you can find your succus niche.

Step 2: Calculate own capabilities

if you are ready, remember now you start writing the legend. so be aware the behavior and decisions made at this stage will matter is your first page.

this is just no need to prepare many things. but initial courage is important. and a strong mind is needed. estimate capabilities almost you have.

Step 3: Collect resources what you have now

Physically you have not many things. but it’s wise enough to keep the motivation under your not worry about important things that actually you want. here I do not mean tools and equipment. but the knowledge and the wisdom/intelligence.

Step 4: Your legend=your dream

Do not forget time to time refresh the legend dream. because this might take many years to finish building the story. energy is a high level of motivation.

here the path is invisible. Do you have to create your own one?

Step 5: decision making time

There are things in the world. some are short-term decisions. and long-term decisions. think about the -face of it. you have to work with communities (like for a king).

or alone(like Nikola Tesla)?

Step 6: planning stage

This stage is the most important &difficult one. having a long-term plan is not easy. so break it down into mini-steps. and do not bypass steps. if you really want to be a legend.

this will help you to make the path clear. if anything that really no idea? no matter keep it as it is.

Step 7: Start working with the courage

We shall do mistakes. and right things too. but in any situation, the worst thing you can do is doing nothing. so be aware. if you do a thousand mistakes it doesn’t matter. if you do 10,000 mistakes even though no matter.

above all, learn a single thing at least from out of a thousand. make sure not to repeat them ever. if you can re-correct many faults are superb.

go parallelly with the time. not with a high-speed.

Step 8: Evaluate the process and calculate the strength

from time to time take a rest and sit down on a chair. write down your situation report need to ask anybody else.

just be honest. that’s it.don’t forget to note your downfalls too. try to solve some points which are not yet running well.

just be relax and be ready to continue.

Step 9: Search for new opportunities

Investigate the trends around the process. this is critical if you can observe highly productive directions, why not you may try them also. depending on your creativeness you may find new ways which are not yet observed by ordinary people. this is also how to be a legend.

as an example, if you go through the internet. there are thousands of awesome methods to identify to boost your business.

try to catch the most reliable way to do so.

Proof: A simple story

I will tell you a simple strategy using by an Indian youth age you know how he became the third billionaire in Asia?

as an apprentice businessman, he found no hotel chains for hotels with rooms less than 100. after some reviews, he made a platform for medium and minor hotels to promote their business with a new vision. tour packages offered on this platform+sigificant benefits. it was incredibly popularised immediately. and it was huge growth for them. so small & medium hotels get centralized with this new strategy. the name of this chain is you know this! this is the proof of how to be a legend.

here is the concept for discovering new possible opportunities. if you can scan them.

there are many, even though we don’t see them.

Success is on the way

Step 10: Approach the solid sate

At this stage you may estimate now I am strong enough to cover the Success Journey. under any circumstances there’s nothing called “quit the game”. until death never gives up.

Read carefully this too. why this has to believe

you may click, these are not just another dream. search the prooves in the society for real examples. I do not tell you those. you do know them. because this legend is yours. remember if you don’t take challenges, as there is not a hero in this story. if you don’t want to happen inspirations, settle for the ordinary. then no legend one comes to play the game for your side. instead, they will play for them. you are the owner of the game. so play exellently=THE LEGEND. good luck.

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