How to undeerstand the Silence?

01: Read this well

This is another deep concept that is very difficult to derive. but I can make know in a simple way. if you want to be a strong character try to think and observe with minimum support of others. yes of cause, it’s not easy to handle. they don’t have the capacity for your work vision and the mission. silence: strong heroes can handle. so the contribution of their comments ideas might be negative. but be happy with them. most of the time they are fond of your failure. therefore, the silence: strong heroes can handle.

at least they don’t know really who you are. though don’t try to express who I am. don’t waste your time, instead of showing results.

02: Feel free to think out the power of silence

if you are a good listener you might extract many concepts within the related field .and do not hesitate to contact them. as an example, if you found a new mathematical theory, you can write to the superiors /professors, etc. yes, listen to many, but open your mouth to selected.

silence is cool

03: Expect less support from others

if you are willing to work alone is highly recommended here. when seeking support from outside people is no good. your mindfulness & thinking power reduces.

work alone. learn alone silently. when practice this will actually love it.

if this is comfortable to do so god will salute you. because you are going to be an extraordinary character.

so try to manage your self-motivated working ability.

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04: Use the power of Silence

If you observe the power of this tool. never remove this. it’s like a deep interior part of the sun where the nuclear reactions are creating on. like an extreme power station.

you may reach the power equation. trying to reach the goal is your business completely. so silence is an IQ tool.

For example, if you feel lost when ongoing experiments and you might tired+stress on it. forget the whole not interfere again and again. leave it there .you can concern any other work or just relax. after few hours a superb solution comes up to your mind. if you had run the process of silence. I have experienced this in silence you and the god that it!

therefore, I suggest silence as a power tool. and you deserve the patience. at the start, you will face series of dismisses. in addition, learn the lesson from them.

don’t give away. get up and work again. by the next chapter will be ok. if you stop reading the last paragraph. so silence: strong heroes can handle.

“There is no such thing as failure. failure is just life trying to move us in another direction”


Fiaure is normal

If you did not fail? you are not a human!

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. if you don’t quit, slow progress in the right direction matters.

not because of a huge jump in the wrong direction. if you make the right choice here for success.

in other words, working in silence alone is really nice. managing silence is extremely difficult. and it’s the smartest business.

Slow progress is no matter,if the direction is ok

very few can handle and continue a long time. if you are happy and satisfied enough will be able to do so. an innovator could see the magic of it. focusing power increases.

how ever I mean the concentration of the inner mind proves this. in deep levels of mind centralized aimed to critical points. this is the origin of energy.

discovering the outer side is the purpose and the focus of science and technology. but discover inside is out of that its absolutely awesome approach.

Concentrate the mind

It’s a matter of mind control. for instance, some eastern Buddhist meditation practices are there. direct platforms for this. therefore,I make you understand. the power of silence. similarly, it’s an amazing tool for all inventors



So try to use this power tool. however, if you see nicely. it leads to many discoverings. the mind has the capability of self-working. that is without commands. here is a good chance to observe. this is a technique of pioneer leaders.

if you see their background can see most of them are silent people.

you are made to think innovatively. talking with others no value most of the time.

the main reason they are not going to discover anything. and they aren’t trained to do so.

discussions with professionals are ok. in other words, your thinking pattern might not match with others.

so exercise the power of silence. think in silence. work in silence. after that win in silence.

you are a hero of the next generation. good luck.

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