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Payhip is an online store management system that is similar to Shopify for digital goods. Payhip is especially for solopreneurs who market and sell digital goods like memberships, coaching sessions, and courses.

Like many other platforms, Payhip generates a sales link for your account. usually, once when you submit a product. which merchants may then share with their customer base? The platform also handles file storage, payment, and product delivery. 

You may sell any digital goods, including ebooks, via the e-commerce site Payhip. Payhip offers a number of options for selling your own ebooks, including the ability to publish and construct a sales page that is completely customizable. Every sale you make will incur a 5% fee from Payhip.

The business claims that 130k people are using its platform. London, England’s Payhip offers online shopping.

A platform that enables users to offer for sale digital goods, such as;

  • software, 
  • ebooks, and 
  • online courses, 

frequently with an emphasis on simplicity and use. Digital product sales online are increasing twice as quickly as sales of physical goods.

And as a result, there is a demand for E-commerce systems that are tailored to digital items.

Trending E-commerce management tools for digital goods include, 

for instance,

To create checkout pages, utilize the online shopping cart software Thrivecart. Over $2.6 billion in sales have been made possible via the Payhip platform.

Gumroad aids in the sale of creatives’ products. Funding for the business totals $16 million.

Music, podcasts, and other audio-based material may all be created and sold online using Soundwise.

How can I make an eBook sale on Payhip?

There’s no need to teach you. So easy. This is just a simple guideline. Establish a Payhip account. Without a proper platform. 

how can you sell your book? 

  1. Send your eBook along with other digital files for upload. After activating your account,
  1. you may begin adding digital goods to your website; Add your eBook to Payhip by selecting “Digital Product” from the drop-down menu after clicking the “Add Product” button. Your eBook’s title, description, and selling price must all be included, along with other details.
  1. Add Payhip To Your Website.
  1. Add Your Payment Methods; Set up payment information: Navigate to the Dashboard after making your account and select “Setup checkout” to configure your payment information.

Once you’ve submitted the eBook to Payhip, simply can share the product URL with your audience or include a buy button on the website to make it available for purchase. 

When you discover your book in Payhip’s “Products” area, use the “Share/Embed” option to add a buy button. The type, color, & text of the button may all be altered from there.

How trustworthy is Payhip?

The genuine platform Payhip provides a number of services to help digital content producers market and sell their goods online. With a history dating back to 2011, Payhip is a reputable business with a solid reputation as a dependable and trustworthy platform.

Payhip provides an up-to-date PCI DSS-compliant secure payment processing system, which means they take the required precautions to protect the security of your financial information.

Additionally, Payhip provides a number of services, such as configurable storefronts, automated file delivery, & marketing tools, that make it simpler for content producers to advertise and sell their products.

In general, Payhip is a trustworthy platform for the sale of digital material, and many content producers have utilized it to market and sell their goods online. 

To secure your personal & financial information, you should take the required measures as with any other online platform. 

You should also extensively investigate any platform you want to use before utilizing it.

Where can I buy digital goods?

The Payhip Platform is fantastic. Payhip is distinctive. because it is more secure.

  1. The download URL can only use once, thus sharing is not allowed.
  1. Card information is not kept on file.
  1. Report a copyright violation.
  1. Receive payment right away following a sale.

Try it for free and you’ll love it. you can offer digital downloads, and online courses, including coaching memberships on Payhip.

Is it easy to earn with Payhip?

Yes and no!


When selling on Payhip, creating a visually appealing storefront is crucial. 

This involves picking a visually appealing design, ensuring that your product descriptions are clear and helpful, and leveraging photographs and videos to present the goods in the best possible way. 

To ensure that customers are aware of your business and its services, it’s also crucial to concentrate on marketing your store through;

  1. SEO,
  1. content production,
  1. social media, and
  1. email campaigns, too.
  1. offer Incentives and discounts
  1. optimize pricing.
  1. Analytical data can use to better understand consumer patterns and preferences.

So, now you know how to be successful, not only with Payhip.  even with any other e-commerce storefront.

You cannot avoid those strategies. 

So be smart. 

The whole digital business is a competition.

How can I increase traffic to my online Payhip store?

You may sell digital goods using the free e-commerce platform Payhip. Its user-friendly design makes creating new accounts simply. Regardless of your degree of expertise in the e-commerce industry, this platform may assist you in increasing your sales.

SEO is one of the finest techniques to get more customers to a Payhip online business. You can boost the number of people who visit your website and turn them into customers by optimizing it for search engines. 

Additionally, establishing trusting bonds with powerful bloggers & social media influencers might aid in promoting your company. Choose an SEO strategy that is tailored to your needs from among the various possibilities that are accessible.

 Take care of your website traffic

Of course, this is a separate and distinct subject. But we’ll brief here.

To do this, add relevant keywords to your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, and URL slug (the word or phrase that comes after the “www.” component of the address). 

In addition, be sure that every piece of content you provide has been optimized for SEO. Utilize a service like SEMrush and Moz to monitor changes in keyword rankings each month.

You may increase traffic to your e-commerce website in a variety of ways, 

How to rank your e-commerce website in simple terms?

  1. conducting in-depth research on the most recent marketing trends,
  1. implementing targeted advertising and marketing plans, 
  1. boosting your social media participation, and
  1. creating engaging content. 

Why SEO is crucial for an online store?

It simply refers to the act of making changes to your website to boost its exposure when users search for goods or services associated with your company on search engines like Google, Bing, Firefox, and various other online business websites.

You are more likely to attract attention and draw in new and returning clients to your business the more visibility your web pages get in search results.

In essence, SEO demonstrates the relevance of the product and, if done effectively, might propel your product to the top of search results.

SEO generates more clicks, which raises the likelihood that consumers will purchase your goods.

Why does your website home page become the front door of the storefront?

This is true. When you are more technological, just look at it in a commercial manner.

 Additionally, it’s crucial to check that your online presence is user-friendly and simple to browse. Make careful to create a layout that is compatible with both computers and mobile devices. 

Additionally, make use of multilingual features to make it simpler for clients from across the world to locate what they’re searching for.

Along with search engine optimization, it’s frequently advantageous to join online forums to have guest bloggers publish articles on goods or services relevant to your targeted audience. 

Some of the other strategies

You may assist customers in making knowledgeable judgments when they purchase online by offering reliable information combined with practical guidance and ideas.

Sending out advertising emails with deals and discounts on items is something you might want to do when trying to generate leads using email marketing campaigns. To automatically add interested clients to your list of subscribers for the next email newsletters, opt-in forms may also be made. 

Finally, be sure to advertise your business as much as you can by running promotions in pertinent forum discussions and highlighting unique offers right on your website!

What are the alternatives for selling digital items?

Where can I buy eBook collections to sell?

Your eBook collections may be sold in a variety of online stores. A few choices are as follows:

1.0 Amazon KDP

  Amazon Kindle Direct publication is a well-liked platform for independent eBook publication. You may add your digital books to the Kindle shop, choose your own prices, and start earning royalties for each sale.

 2.0 Google Play Books 

Another website where you may self-publish eBooks and market them to a worldwide clientele is Google Play Books. Price-setting is up to you, and each sale will bring in royalties.

3.0 Barnes & Noble Press

 With the help of this platform, you may publish eBooks on your own and market them on the Barnes & Noble website. Price-setting is up to you, and each sale will bring in royalties.

4.0 Smashwords 

This is a self-publishing platform that enables you to distribute your eBooks to a variety of online bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Apple Books. 

You may choose your own rates and get a cut of every sale.

5.0 Gumroad

Another website where you may offer your audience digital goods like e-books is Gumroad. You may choose your own prices and receive up to 95% of sales. Pre-orders, personalized product sites, and interaction with email marketing tools are other capabilities offered by Gumroad.

6.0 Draft2Digital

Using the e-book distribution platform Draft2Digital, you may publish and share your e-book with a variety of online bookstores, including Kobo, Apple Books, and Amazon. You may also choose your own prices and receive up to 85% of the proceeds from each transaction.

Consider variables including simplicity of use, cost, and distribution possibilities when selecting a platform for promoting your eBook collections. 

In order to be sure that the platform is a trustworthy and efficient choice for selling your eBooks, it may also be beneficial to look into user evaluations and reputation. 


Payhip as an online marketplace, recently got popularized. A UK-based platform. that enables you to market and sell digital goods to your audience, including eBooks. You may choose your own rates and keep all of the money you make.

Google Play’s e-book sales network, Payhip, is a distinctive platform that links e-book purchasers and sellers. It enables connections between buyers and sellers through accounts as well as connections across tablet, phone, & desktop applications. The buyers and sellers may communicate to go through the pricing, delivery, and other specifics of the transaction.

Of course, there are no such technological aspects to consider and analyze. but the platform takes a significant value on technology enthusiasts. So, that’s why we add this topic for the readers.

Hope this content helps.

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