Discord Bot Studio

What is Discord Bot Studio?

This is a new application that has spreads virally. of course, it becomes a trend. popular as part of the no-code creation tools meta trend. the software creates automated programs that run on Discord servers. Discord Bot Studio is a no-code tool using for creating Discord chatbots.  launched in May 2020. the software was already on 4K Steam wishlists.  Discord Bot Studio sold 112 copies on its first day. Since then, the average monthly revenue has been at $2.5K. Discord Bot Studio has relied largely on micro influencers to spread the word. our target is to make a really good decision on this App. by your side. so this is for a review purpose too.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is another software that can simulate human conversation. it’s wonderful no? it can detect up to some sort of amount of voice commands. as well as text chats. of course, they are capable of handling both. Chatbot, shorten form for Chatterbot. this is you know all about artificial intelligence (AI) work. it’s possible to insert for any kind of complexity platform. which is the main task is messaging. sometimes users cannot identify that ” I am chatting with a robot?”

Is it really working?

This is user-friendly software. it’s available for making a discord bot. an intelligent tool .eassy handling. the developer keeps in touch on bugs., you can join their productive community if you feel lost. why not it’s ok to work with. you will enjoy working on this.

main features discord bot studio

What are the good points on Discord Bot Studio?

  • No coding! as we talled in the start which is a can define your Bot by using Flowchart-Style Editor
  • You can add a Custom Responsing Mode. for Commanding & Event Nodes
  • Add desired Elements in order to make the function smooth and fast.
  • Creating Actions: this for if you think on using another Server Events fresh user requests to join the server.
  • If you go through carefully,there is an option to add 3rd party Mods.this will make more wider chance on “my type of BOT”
  • You can host it with your own copmuter.make sure to get Bot-Code.or simply use VPS (virtual private sever)
  • If configure nicely, you are free of un-necesary spaming

Best performances of Discord Bot Studio

  • Text & Chat Commands are the main functions,as you know.this is nicely perform here.jsut try to experience.
  • Kick & Ban Commands use for controlling “Rule Breakers”.because some users are not working genuine.does it in a firm manner.
  • Commands like Creation, Delettion Channels or both can peform here in few easy steps. that’s nice no?
  • Welcome messages are using by the Bot.this is why some of server members are unlikely to work as we without much panic it can control by Give or Remove Roles. just choose options. that’s it.
  • Purge or well know as Mass Delete messages is another added option.this is in order to make smooth running through Bot with server.
  • User XP system and Dice Roll Command (optional).
  • Create databases EX. Pokedex using data from spreadsheets(optional)
  • Send Custom Embed Menus. this is an extra feature for fine operation.
  • Create Role Reaction Menus are there to manage custom no need consider specially.can design to work with all reactions.

Discord Bot Studio And Other Discord Bots

It’s not pretty easy to compare with other Discord Bots. because there are many different Discord Bots. they offer different features. however, we can summarize some good features as a review.

Number 01: MEE6

Why Mee6? MEE6 platform offers you complete control over creating commands. it is automatically gives or removes roles. send a message in the current channel or as a Direct Message. most reviews say it’s ;

  • Easy to handle
  • Better Custom Commands
  • Moderation technique
  • Leveling feature
  • Comfort connection with Youtube,Twitch+more

Set up Discord Bot Studio is not a long process. but please follow all the steps. you can customize it as you wish. if you want to check some brief comparison with other Discord Bots. try here. Carl Bot is our previous post.

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