Polymer Clay Earrings

Earrings that can make at home using modeling clay. it’s a nice malleable material to make any shape. Searches for “polymer clay earrings” increased by 885% over recent years. Polymer clay is a type of modeling clay made from Vinyl. which is using to making custom earrings. The material’s unique versatility is very important. it allows creators to;

  • Sculpt it into various shapes.
  • Add textures .
  • Applying paint.

 This is one of the most selling products on Etsy. however, around 260k polymer clay earring products are there. product retail for under $20.which is cheap. puts them in the same price range as earrings. it’s like the latest & rapidly growing fashion brands like Zara. this affordability makes you drive for handmade fashion products. Polymer clay earrings are a part of the DIY fashion meta trend.

therefore, if you think to know trendings here. take a chance to read this article.

[[File: Cake-shaped earrings.jpg|Cake-shaped_earrings]]

Reason why is polymer clay earrings popular?

I am going to show you that they are highly flexible and strong. so make sure to select a quality brand of’s easy to work with and mixing colors. many rightful colors can use on it. bake in a normal home oven.

it’s a good chance to add your own art on need to take something company-made. because it is totally “your design”.

What are the super advantages of polymer clay?

  • Flexibilty
  • Super color absorption power
  • It’s durable after baking
  • Does not shrink or expand
  • Water proof
  • Easy home make
  • Your own “concept trade mark”
  • Low cost unlike gold and diamond jewelaries
polymer clay earrings: flexible, strong, and versatile

What is the Polymer clay scientifically?

Polymer clay is mainly a synthetic material clay. known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). some additional compounds like bendable plasticizers are there. other main materials are filling and coloring agents. it gives polymer clay a nice outlook. these compounds work together for ultimate “polymer clay”.

Bake type material vs Air dry type

  • Simiolarlay,”Air dry polymer resin clay “. with this ypo can have a translucent look.
  • An exceptional choice for making flowers, jewelery, figurines and ornaments.
  • Mixes with Acrylic or oil paints for custom colors and textural effects.
  • Add to other polymer clays for a sophisticated look with depth. texture and light effects.
  • Minimal color shift from raw to cured.similarly, maintains its flexibility. easy decorating with Acrylic or oil paints.
  • No need to kiln or baking. ACMI certified non-toxic is there to use.
  • Acid free for scrapbooking applications. plus waterproof.

Creativity is a part of the vision. in conclusion, a simple compound makes a nice outlook. that’s to say we promote this concept. are we ready to go?

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