Carl-bot is a Discord administration tool. and use for moderation automated system(Bot). why this became popular? amazing features are enabling “reaction roles”. This allows users to assign themselves roles within a server. the facility to react with a pre-designed & specified emoji. these roles have many specific purposes. one good feature is “determine access to locked channels”. Carl-bot gives the facility to ban server members automatically. and also can delete “suspect messages”. when on the peak hours, the bot has the ability to send 5000 automated messages in (1S-60S).that is actually super’s wonderful and remarkable. this tool has a super capability of demand handling. by using 1440 “shards”. this Sharding involves splitting bot operations. this part is infact a separate process within the engagement.

infact Carl-bot is part of the Discord extensions meta trend

What are these reaction roles

  • allowed role limits :250
  • specific modes are unique, verify, reversed, binding, temporary and plus
  • within a single reaction plays many roles working properly with Unique.
  • free to use emojiies.when respective user’s bot available access.
  • super embeding facility.when there is no avaialbility to focus out for emojies & roles .
  • limits rapid rates to enable spammers. this is to elliminate abuse
  • emerge Blacklist and whitelist roles for decision making.then any one can select a role
  • messages direct to self destruction.
  • +many more

What are the additional features of CARL BOT

01 Keep update all log records

Recall messages position is one of the featured facilities here.message deletions.editions & the purge.again when there are available links by invitation. it will lead to discordance. this is one of the superb points.

The next log record is updating the user’s position. including when user name changes. also roles can change. plus avatar changes. and the position of banning.

The next one is the user’s profile status. join & leave. sever updates are important. so it keeps logs about roles, emojis & channels. the “Log Bot” considers channel status. are there any ignorings on members and prefixes. spam options are really working here.

in addition to log splits, this is using with separate channels. this is why reducing clutter. in this process no deletion or missing information.

02: Moderation power

The next featured facility is the Modlog enables you to modify actions in a responsible manner. these mod commands are smart. senses about timing.

there is a good option called “Drama channel”.when there is something out of the rules. now can easily have an overview.

and “Sticky roles” are also there. that helps to prevent users from moving away to mute mode.

here are some general options. but don’t think they are too smart

  • where the mebers were with infractions,shows the moderator responsibilty
  • pops up newly joined people
  • bulk role management

03: Granular system for permission

to prepare their own set in every command. this is infact real smart way. another command management is available in bulk to track the website. the system does not forget to add some global rules relevantly. using a special Bot Channel.

there is a redirection of outputs. also mute outputs. plus spam commands. the Bot takes care of all functions ever-annoying, anyone.

04:The Automod option

this Automod system gives more flexibility to remove unnecessary if that is going out of rules and regulations. and a good opportunity to delete scary file formats. you have better management with spams, react for removable links, attachment spams, mention spams & suitable for delete words. even there is a Whitelist some of the certain roles can go out of rules.+some channels. so here you can unlist them automatically. can add “custom limit-rate” in the options as if mislead rules. highlighting channels as ‘media-only’.why these messages have no proper links or attachments.

05: Suggestions recomend

here Bot adds a good option. what is that? users can suggest ideas. everyone will vote on it. when you have a different idea. it can send a message directly to the user. why not they added a separate log channel. it keeps suggestions with a mod response.

there is an anonymous mode. that helps to combat bias. to have very good control over this.

there is another restricts suggestions in an extra channel. yes Bot is doing a really good job here.

06:Super custom commanding facility.

How this is working?

01:this can make automatically random lists. that is optional. but can select by your own desire. variables, including something like channel topics, author ID & quantity of members.

02: another one is it can create”Conway’s game life”

03: it can execute commands. or mute their behavior. and override default settings.

04:it can share your creations. in two ways.

  • within the website
  • with other creative minded members in the support server

05:can embed as desire.

why not you can try this emerging power tool Carl Bot. this is actually a brief review. better understand always comes by using it.

good luck & have a nice day.

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