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Eyelash Fans

What is an Eyelash fan? that is a small handheld fan. a mini device design to dry off eyelashes. it removes adhesive vapors following lash treatment. Eyelash fans are part of the lash art meta trend. the market size for false eyelashes is expecting to reach $1.8B by 2024. a CAGR of more than 7.4% from 2019-2024.this is according to the analysis reports. a simple product with a new concept! isn’t it?

Why is this so important? 

Open your door to the world of lash care. featuring quick-drying up which is an excellent drying product. Growing eyelash fan brands include Flyltem, Mismxc, Tonging & ThreeH.  With just one seal, you can double the shelf life of lash adhesive, so you can refill your adhesive bottle more than ever! #1 Lash Care Brand in the United States.

Eyelash Fans Eyelash Extensions are using for drying the eyelash extensions. during and after application. After every set of eyelash extensions, a fan is a vital final step in the process. The fan can use during the application also. and at the end to ensure the glue is dry enough before the client opens their eyes. in order to avoid any potential stinging or burning sensation. the eye is a sensitive part of the it’s better to care much.

many fans are USB rechargeable. and include a rechargeable battery. which allows you to easily recharge. and take it anywhere easily.

Eyelash Fans really worth & working? a review

“It’s really cute. Seriously. I got the yellow bear and everyone always asks where I got it from. It’s a perfect size, it charges literally so quickly. and I hardly ever have to recharge. I fan my clients for about 2 minutes after each set and their eyes are much less red not to mention I feel like doing so helps really well with retention and keeping the stickies at bay. It’s a must for me!”

if customers satisfy, means fair enough to take it. this is not a high-tech gadget. but a nice little concept.isn’t it?

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eyelash fans are for real eyelash care

How fast Eyelash extentions dry up?

Generally observes as 2 hours after finish the work. but actually, it needs 24 hours to 48 hours to dry fully. of course, the first 2 hours need much care on this. as experts mention, “The best way to take care of your eyelashes is to dry them with a blow-dryer on low speed. cold temperature after you get out of the shower,” Yris told E-News. “Once they’re dry. brush through them so that they don’t stick together with a mascara wand.”

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Finishing Portable USB Rechargeable Mini Fan Eyelash Fan Dryer Bladeless Handheld Fan for Eyelash Extension. Air Conditioning Blower for Essential Eyelash Extension Supplies. this is a bladeless type;

  • This eyelash extension fan dryer is made of ABS and PC material. a compact device. The fan operates by 2000mAh lithium battery efficienntly. charging 2 / 3 hours. can work about 8 hours at low-speed.
  • Safe Bladeless & Stable Base Design: Innovative bladeless design,.gives better airflow insteadt fast-spinning blades. The package comes with a detachable base.
  • 3 Adjustable Wind Speeds: This eyelash extension fan has three wind speeds level – low, medium, and high.
  • Function: This handheld cooling dryer fan can help to cool. and sooth your clients’ eyes during or after the lash extension. It helps to keep lashes dry and fluffy for sensitive clients.
  • Easy portable: This cooling bladeless fan can recharge with all USB-enabled devices. like car charger & home charger.

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