Who is Alyssa Carson? let’s see

Here she is…bith:10th March 2001, Hammond Louisiana USA. Now she is 20. talents now matching her goals. and a go-getter. attended Baton Rouge Int. School. And later Alyssa entered Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, to study Space Technology. And currently, she is engaged with the Florida Institute of Technology. she expects if she can be the 1st mars being in the future? will see Alyssa Carson’s Mars journey be a legend or not?

TNASABlueberry, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, thanks for the image taken from (attribution)

She prepared for her journey?How?

During her childhood, participated in many activities related to Space Tech. Once she participated in the US Rocket center which affiliates with the Marshal Space Flight Center(MSFC) in NASA. These Space camps are popular in the USA since 1982 over 0.9 M students involved so far. this was a playground for many NASA Astronauts.

NASABlueberry, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Her milestones of the life

When Alyssa was at the age of 5, attended her first Space camp .until now she was lucky to go for 7 Space camps including upgraded ones in the USA/Turkey/Canada.already she had a chance to attend MER-10 Project for pannel discussion (MarsExploration Project) in 2013, that was the age of 12.


for her, the year 2014 was a new hope. she completed her NASA Passport Programs. plus, 14 visit sessions locating in 9 states in the USA. became the first one in-country to executes this level.

The year 2018

when she was 17 years old in 2018. again she was able to achieve a great milestone for space journeys.

the certificate from the Advance POSSUM Space Academy. this was a world record. because no one was there to do this so far.

After that

Young Alyssa got a flight license in 2019, She got the award Louisiana Young Heros Award(2017) and the Espirit De Femme Award from Louisiana State University(2019).

Then Louisiana Life Magazine. offered the Best Louisiana Resident in the Science Field in 2020. and added many social appreciations.

Alyssa’s story of space journey: The fake vs truth

Is NASA planning to send Mars in the future? No, not yet. that is the truth. and also maybe not!

social media focuses on marketing & dramatic manner. they do not care this story is fake or not. they want it to show as a cinematic pop-up.

we know entering NASA as an astronaut is extremely difficult. very few achieve. so their plans can move away by political and global space-winning competitions.

so Alyssa’s story can change. realistic or as a dream legend.

Alyssa, as a superb social influencer

NASA said, “she was really doing a huge motivation”. for the young generation in space technology. this is the point to focus on.

Alyssa Carson’s mars Journey achieves or not, her motivation is giving a powerful jump ahead. backup is numerous. laid a fantastic foundation.

like a warrior. she is a representative of mankind. not only a citizen of the USA.

NASABlueberry, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Go ahead on the path: you wish to go

having a dream is not easy actually. because there is not something OVERNIGHT SUCCESS this case you will sacrifice many things that belong to your might be losing many things in the future too.

but by preparing not to miss anything instead of your final destination. we appreciate & wish you all the best, on behalf of the team the future.

it may be your dream, our dream too.

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