This is an amazing trend you have to know. if you go through this technology. this is a better trend if you tend to use it? it enables an organization to transform. structured or non-structured tasks into a smart level. so shall we see about smart automation?

this is real utilization leads to makes better decision making. improves the quality of services too. gives opportunity to handle impossible tasks. carries high accuracy for accounting. analyzing power is high.

as an example;

  • assessing specific images taken by scanners with high accuracy.
  • recognizes the probability of a mole being on cancerous photographic images.

How to accelerete the buisness with Intelligent Automation in 5 strategies

Number 01: RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

why RPA?

This mechanism enables user/company to get rid of

  • repititive works,legal based tasks,traditional data inputs for a system,tedious general processings,some boring routine tasks like data entries for Exel Sheets,online filling forms,send/answear for emails,trasferring information etc.
They are trying to eliminate difficult decision making

This technique applies to some main tasks.


  • Data Management:
  • Manipulating Data:
  • Running reports:
  • Input data to several websites:
  • Read & send emails:

Number 02: OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

This method allows extracting data from relevant e- documents much more efficiently, not like human engagement. allows for the next level of processing data.

The smart level of data processing is growing on
  • This can generate invoices to account managemet system.
  • for instanse, this supports to a doctor to read hospital reports.
  • if he wants to make Refferals,in other words he can open an appoinment for patients.

Number 03: CHATBOT

  • Emulate responses of the human applicable for texts or instant messages.
  • Acting like a virtual agent.
  • when you chat reply comes in a smart way. chats efficiently with high accuracy.
  • the structure consists of pre-scheduled common questions like the checking account balances/bank information, check order inquiries, etc.

sometimes customers will not know what they chat with automation’Chatbot looks like a Robot this level.

Number 04: ML (machine learning)

the awesome part is ML. which is automatic learning & adaptation. this is using a specific algorithm. working with statistical concepts. it helps to make better decisions. this is for accurate systems

as an example;

  • fraud detection for customer bank accounts.
  • diabetes warning, depending on current records of a particular patient.
  • knowing why some customers are leaving the service by monitoring the email unsubscribe rate. and for which reasons? etc.

prediction is the key area here.

Number 05: AI (Artificial Intelligence)

a certain level of AI: concepts are creating

Provides the ability to learn & act. beyond ML, now these are intelligent machines. they are capable of learning continuously and adapting. possible for evolve models. identifying specific patterns of data flow in real-time.

as an example; AI can translate educational course materials into different languages with high accuracy.

it can provide assistant tools like;

  • Siri
  • Google Duplex
  • Alex

those tools are capable of learning continuously without any interaction of human users. this level is now popular as Technological Evolution or Intelligence Automation. isn’t it a huge jump over time? this transformation is now on our doorstep. this is how the evaluation of Smart Automation.

Are you ready to go?

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