how to rank on google

How to rank a website on google?

Why do you need   

Because of the quality. If you built 100K normal backlinks, 100 of .edu or .gov links are worthier than 100K. And mentions by the google that target site has more academic value. This will definitely increase Domain Authority. So, how to rank a website on google? let’s get started…

How do you get a .edu link? 

Well, this is not too difficult. but you have to know, this is not easy too. In this article. We will guide you Step by step. How to do this? First of all. You have to know about it. What are the .edu sites? They are made for academic purposes. Using by scholars to share research papers and academic discussions. Of course. You are not a researcher. But still, you can do this. Make sure. To think as a scholar. Think like a researcher. Do not try to show that “you are not a researcher”. If you know the structure. And how to? Right. Insert article. Of course, you can do that. So is the best place to start this. Let’s clarify. 

Step 01: Sign up for free account at

Simply go to the academia .edu site and signup for a free account. Fill in your personal details. Don’t worry about this site, well-reputed and administrated by leading university scholars. So, no need to add fake info. 

Step 02: know How to Rank a Website on Google  

Within your blogging niche find an interesting topic that can treat as a research paper. This is a bit of a challenge. If you cannot pass this level, will be ended up with a deletion of the paper or cancellation of the account.  

Step 03:  like guest posting? Yes

This is just like guest posting. But for this, you need additional care. Because the value of having backlinks is not easy and a bit of hard work. I am personally a researcher. But follow my guidance. And you too can do this. I assure you that. Just start writing. Don’t be hurry up, take time. Have a framework. Make a strategy. Write with good writing skills. No grammar mistakes please. as well as don’t show up that you are not a researcher.  

I have read published papers. According to my personnel observations, there are plenty of research papers with no academic value+ less focus on the research niche. So, it will not be a big problem with the quality of the article. But concern if you want to more .edu links. Then try to present 2 or 3 papers only per month. But not more than 3. Writing a good paper takes time. Do not publish at once all 3 papers in one day. As an example, first week- 1 article, then 2nd or 3rd week one paper, last week of the month 3rd paper like that.  

Never ever show up that your need is just to have a few .edu backlinks. If they are traced, however, Academia will delete your paper, account, or both. And please keep in mind that do not add your real link on all papers you provided. Write a separate paper linking other academic sites with reputed DA. Then it’s a good sign to hide your actual aim. Of course, I suppose they are using AI tools for review. Considering cheating AI Bot is not an easy task. If you made it accurately, will work out. 

I suggest reading some really good research papers before starting writing. A preferred number of words is not more than 3000. Use MS Word or google docs. Also, can use Free of plagiarism, please. If you use Turnitin, Quilbot software, be careful to check out what is written? They are made for “paraphrasing”. I personally do not use them for research paper subjects. My strategy is 100% my work. But it’s ok to use the above for general article writing. this is how to rank a website on google.

Try to have an honest review by yourself. Use a real academic tone of writing. An experienced scholar can identify when writing looks like the primary level. Try to go in-depth to get a realistic outcome 

This is how to rank a website on google

how to rank a website on google.
how to rank a website on google.

Is that all? yes, it is. trust me and try to repeat like 3 papers per month, as I mentioned

The Academia administration board will review your paper in less than 3 weeks. So, then no further work. Pray God, that’s it. only if you are a newbie. Of course, I will support you by inspecting for free. Pls. Comment.

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see you then.

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