How to write a best blog post in 7 easy steps

How to write a best blog post in 7 easy steps

Hello friends, today we bring you a super important topic. It’s highly profitable too. Don’t do Blogging as a hobby. That is over. Treat it as a great way to earn money online in 2022. A real digital business that is making 6 or 7 figure income. Absolutely a life-changing point. And the trend is now with this business. Not a YouTube channel, not affiliate marketing. This is the real online trending business. Of course, an affiliate marketing strategy is also included here. Believe me, this is not a joke. It’s real. Many bloggers are struggling to reach out high level. So, “how to write a best blog post in 7 easy steps” is just for you. Let’s get started

Why a blog? Isn’t there any other business? 

Well, this what the answer. It has proved and become trending in 2022. As an affiliate marketing business. You know a blogsite or a WooCommerce website is needed for making traffic. Even you have products listed online shop, need articles to promote. This is the primary and super impression for the customers who are going to purchase products. So,  

  • The leadership of a blog article is a castle.  
  • The Content is the king, 
  • And the queen is consistency 
  • The army is backlinks for relevant article 

Remember people are there to read your stuff like the content. even it is the best one. “They are searching for specific answers for specific questions” is a golden rule. Don’t forget ever. 

Now you know how to make your dream come true. So “how to write a best blog post in 7 easy steps” brings you the party. 

Step number 1: Do a simple keyword research  

Then you know you are writing to whom? And what is the aim? Etc. Means targeting the audience. If can use a tool is better. Long-tail specified.  

Step number 2: Make a content strategy 

writing a best blog post

Within a specific question even, there are many good answers in SERPs. Then how do you convince your one is better than others? This is the game. Make useful content. With no grammar mistakes. Simple and short. Don’t forget that screen reading is more difficult than paper reading. Word by word try to keep the attention of readers.  Please do not lose hopes of unique readers own. They are difficult to earn too. 

Step number 3: Do SEO within your skills  

This can be done with a good SEO tool. Less manual works are there. Just follow the guidance. You can use tools like Yoast, Rankmath, etc. For additional features go for premium versions. Suggesting long-tail keywords are given by paid versions. 

Step number 4: Create relevant backlinks for the article 

There are plenty of ways to get backlinks. Remember do-follow and no-follow links have separate values. Of course, do-follow links are better. The most important thing is relevance. Build from relevant sites only. Be aware of spam scores. Backlinks from Irrelevant sites will make a bad impact on google ranking Bots. Concern on high DA sites. Specify target post. Not the blog page. And not the home page. 

Step number 5: Add affiliate links 

Find trending products from an affiliate program. Add a link in the right place. You may have a link strategy. If the content exactly fulfills the reader, what is searching for, they will turn into your customers automatically. When you write some new stuff, try to have a plan and focus on business trending within the niche. So, then you have unlimited opportunities to select. But you cannot place many links. Decide what is the best one for “this” article. 

Step number 6: Use the best traffic source already have 

Use FB groups, SubReddit communities, IG, and Quora Spaces. They are really helpful. There must be a mutual niche matching among traffic sources. No need to use it all. But for possible working sources.  

Step number 7: Publish at the exact time  

Many newbies don’t know what is the best time to reach readers.  that came after various studies. Remember the day is Monday, the time is around 11.00 a.m. EST. So, convert this time for the match in your country, by just google searching 11.00 a.m. est in my local time. That will show you the local time and frequently do this for best results. 

Are there any more steps? Yes, go and sleep! If you are done well wait for results. That’s it 

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