cloud computing

Cloud Computing

what is cloud computing? 

It is not a traditional way. This technology is based on a remote server. That is independent of the local server. It’s placed in a specific area of the internet. If used a personal computer to access, there’s no direct source like a local database. “An assigned remote network”. A cloud service provider runs the Cloud. Authorized Users can access it at any time. full-time internet use. Well, we clear more. Cloud computing is a technology that allows users access. This means they can access applications, source files, and storage. As normal via internet connections. Any devices like laptops or smartphones. Cloud computing providers support by allocating store and process data. The difference is this location is apart from end-users. 

the comparison
 Advantages Dis-advantages 
1 Cost reduced Available at high-security risk.  data-stealing possible 
2 A reliable source, Data saves on multiple servers.   Data loss is possible 
3 Fine data management Fully internet-based environment 
4 Easy access Not working at low internet speeds 
5 Match for specific businesses Fairly slow interfaces 
6 Scalability is high   Few & limited features are available 
7 Good for high continuity seek businesses Vulnerability is high 
8  Security issues may occur 
9  Cloud service providers are not available forever. means if they close the service. Migrating another server is difficult 
10  A “downtime annoying” is there 
clear comparison over cloud/classic

How is Cyber security issue impact for cloud computing? 

This is the most important part of an alert. Hence, security becomes a critical and fatal problem. So, data management and control have become a matter. Cyber security is a vast topic. We’ll discuss it later. But, here needs more attention on security. And it’s a definite problem making by users. Cloud service providers can only concern about control under certain limits. It’s all “about the user matter”. If users do not keep healthy security management, data is in danger.  

Is it really bad cloud computing? 

Uh…  It depends on how the user is going to manage. If it’s working with highly attended. Maybe, ok? it’s better to have nice backup methods.  

How to Backup and Recover data? 

This process of backing up & recovering data is not difficult. One method is saving data at another cloud. Normally they are not stored on a personal computer. many cloud providers offer reliable backup options. They are also flexible. However, a backup & recovery solution is a must. There is an optional method. the cloud itself can use as a backup. If you follow the instructions offered by the service provider, they will guide do it nicely.  

Your data your wealth. 

Backup is a convenient idea if you use it properly. Because nothing is 100% present secure.  It is important to you not to others. So, keep backups in many accessible places. Do not ask this question from cloud providers, it’s your duty completely. 

What are the reliable options for cloud storage? 

This is a general and popular way to backup data. Cloud storages as freeware; 

  • Google drive  
  • iCloud  
  • OneDrive 

Dropbox is another solution. Remember, this cloud storage concept is a bit different from cloud computer management. 

so we conclude at this point. read more on quantum computing

good luck

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