Hello friends, today we give an amazing App. this is actually for content creators. Quillbot is an AI paraphrasing tool. what is paraphrasing? that is using for “re-writing”. it can be a presentation, an ebook, a thesis, or a project. it doesn’t matter the way used.  here first, users enter a body of text. and then the software covert into different wording. it can enhance the paragraph too. according to the developer they use a technique of “state-of-the-art AI“.

 COVID-19 pandemic period gave a “significant boost” for Quillbot. people love to use it. with overall growth reporting as 3.5 amount of jump. Today, 5M people per month use Quillbot. so it has now become a trend.

Why Quillbot is so much important? Here are 6 Reasons

  • Content creators need to avoid plagiarism.
  • Text body is getting fresh
  • Make unique contents.
  • Summarize and elliminate unwanted words.
  • Super method to elliminate copy right strikes.
  • Not to face suspension on creator accounts.

Is it really working?

Of course yes, if you see how to get started. just see the options and follow simple steps. it’s so simple. let’s see proof. you may know some plagiarism checking apps are there. Turnitin is a good one to test so. is it really can detect something paraphrased?

Can Turnitin detect sentenses paraphrased by QuillBot?

This is a good question. most students frequently ask. at this moment it cannot. that’s the simple answer. due to these reasons. yes, check it now.

AI writing tool
  • Turnitin is not desigened to do that.
  • Algorithm of Turnitin is searching for grammertical matches.and some writing patterns to identify “copying”
  • The business of Turnitin is to detect plgiarism. even an unique concept is there with different” wordings?”. of course, that has to be accountable. but that application cannot do so.
  • QuillBot work is to re-write. it cannot bring different meanings. but under a certain limit.

if you are using the tool, already know that it can paraphrase a few times. until satisfy. just like hide and seek.

Is it good thing that rely 100% on This app?

No. don’t believe fully in the application. use it as a tool. it will not make new concepts. if you take QuillBot as your quality updater. it won’t work. because higher-level presentations need additional concept handling. so be careful. please don’t be addicted to this. this app cannot pass studies.

And concern “what was written” by the AI tool with additional care? if you see the paraphraser brings any idea that you don’t want to say. delete it or “convert it to your own concept”. don’t expect that everything will make for your favor all the time. this will need when you are writing a thesis for higher degrees like a Ph.D.

Can QuillBot generate fake writers in the future?

Maybe. but I don’t feel a dark demonstration. do you imagine really? I’d like to see some comments. the thing is creativity. we are not at that level until now. why not shall we ask QuillBot to write a poem instead of re-writing?

So, friends, we conclude for now. if you read relative topics. try here Reedsy & Cambly

Good luck

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