The edge AI, EXTENTION OF edge computing

Edge Artificial Intelligence

What is edge computing & what is artificial intelligence?

Well come back friends, today we are going to discuss a trending topic about  Edge Artificial Intelligence ( Edge AI). It’s not strange. but a significant advance concept of Edge Computing. First, let us clear this concept at the basic level. In the beginning, if you are a newbie to this topic, we invite you to read our recent article on Edge computing. It will help you to understand important, useful knowledge. Edge computing can be described as a combination of cloud computing and the IoT. This is an integrated system made for a fast user experience. a Cloud working as the data source.  Called  “an Edge of Data”.

So, the edge data processing module is responsible to minimize data processing time. that is connecting to the remote sites. the closest point of human interaction. This new concept of the Edge data processing module runs with Artificial Intelligence(AI). AI stands for the capability of human-made machine management. without human control. It can be a computer or a robot.  Scientists are working to develop this module with a specific level of AI.specially Algorithms. 

Why is Edge AI so Important?

The special thing is Edge AI is designed to locate data sources that are very close to individual devices globally. At the same time, all data handling management is assumed to manage through AI. or a significant role in this technique. In the commercial world, this edge AI will offer convenient, accurate, and fast service to its customers.

Absolutely good for medium and high-level businesses. similarly, Edge AI is the extension of Edge computing.

Will it bring super insight to trending businesses? Here is why…

  • The data management phase; will turn into a highly engaging experience. This can be a boost to all marketing operations globally. No matter what kind of a business you are running. No matter how strong you’re. If there is a viral engagement for the products or the service offered, will be a matter.
  • Speed matters; even though the product is very important, if the marketing process is significantly slow, your business better close down. Is that so important? Yes, it is…so, the Edge AI module makes a new approach to the business.
  • Security; we have discussed this in a separate column. As we are concerned in many words. Cyber security is a problem not yet solved by 100%. Sensitive data of the organization can leak out. Or it faces high risk. There are firewalls and security applications. Because hackers always find new tricks. and methods to access websites of companies that are financially stable.
  • Detects new opportunities; the AI module will show some amazing facts and figures. why not then there will be potential approaches.
  • Forecasting future business path; this type of forecasting report shows the business stability and the future risks. That is by the next 10 years or so. Then the management can take prior necessary steps by calculating the future risk or trending opportunities etc.
Edge  Artificial Intelligence: the concept
edge artificial intelligence: the concept

What is an Algorithm?

An Algorithm is a set of complex instructions targeting, handling a task, or managing a specific problem according to this ultimate module. An algorithm is like the brain of a human. It handles a major part of the bodywork. Many organizations already use AI for this core task. As an example, a search engine algorithm detects the best content and offers it to the “searcher”.

Hence, companies kept their AI embedded algorithms top-secret. No one knows reality. But experts can assume the AI process.

What is Edge AI in simple terms?

This is a paradigm for the task. So, here Edge AI module works for process algorithms with AI. The expectation is to fine-tune data processing. that is at the closest point of source data. In other words, Edge AI is trying to handle artificial intelligence algorithms to run locally on the device.  or runs on the server very close to the target device.

4 most important facts of Edge Artificial Intelligence?

The following innovation facts are playing a critical role in the Edge AI game. 

  • Security
  • Privacy improvement
  • Latency
  • Load balance

01 Security

Of course, cyber security is a critical issue in this sophisticated world. It’s always a challenge. Even how conveniently located the Edge is. with a smart monitoring system, the security risk can be reduced. Hackers might have some AI tools made by themselves. So the endless struggle between IT companies and hackers will remain in the future on different levels. (See our recent article on  Cyber Security). Hackers find some unpredictable options to access unauthorized logins. Even how strong the Edge computing security is. So now organizations are preparing to propose suitable cyber security solutions.

02 privacy improvement

Even though the technology is high, there is a  high risk of leaking user’s privacy. A smart hacker simply can monitor the workflow of this process. Of course, do you know? when things become easy and fast, there is a vulnerability to information leakage. It’s always recommended to take necessary steps to minimize the privacy risk. Even though some companies offer options, it’s totally up to the user’s behavior.

03 Latency fact

Improving latency is a definite technological matter. It can be reduced at a significant level. But never down to 0%. Which does not exist. in other words, Normal experience is AI applications reduce the speed of transferring data packets from one network point to another target location.

As an example, Google advertisement AI bots significantly reduce the speed of data transfer. Even though AI bot plays a high-tech implementation. So, latency is somewhat like this. Edge means itself working with a cloud. So the developer’s major concern goes to latency.

04 Load balance fact

This is a nice technique to reduce handling unwanted links loading.  The application is capable of identifying and eliminating no-important network load. This is called load balancing. On the WordPress sites, there is something called “Lazy Loading”. It enables minimizing the loading of all images/ videos at once. Likewise, selective link requests increase the speed of the workflow. 

 What are the Edge AI applications?

Have a look at the Nvidia site. They offer some solutions to get the work done. And there is a brief discussion on how to do this. But this is a basic guide. Why not, you can try. It might suit the task.

Edge  Artificial Intelligence
screenshot: nvidia website interface

What is the potential of Edge AI, as a future technology?

Our main research is this. Well, what are the signs to believe for a potential Edge AI technology? Of course, it’s still too early to predict. But there are positive startups that already perform well.  how do they perform?

  • Self-driven cars; are known as the first major commercial application. of course, working well. Only a few bugs were detected and now waiting for large projects in the USA.
  • Drones; we know saw they are perfectly working against the Russian invasion recently in  Ukraine. Actually, military tech people are capable of implementing accurate air strikes successfully. Many times according to war reports and news. It’s a smart technology when in the perfect timing and accurate detection of enemy battle tanks. (War is not for humans. We strongly oppose fighting each other. We are just talking about technology only.)
  • Surveillance cameras; this is another smart application of Edge AI. until now they perform smartly.

there are many applications on the way. even more, updates are available. are we ready to work with them?

What is the trend for the Edge AI market? 

edge ai market forecast
screenshot of web interface

According to the analysis reports, it will make a huge jump. Of course,  the potential will make double, even more,

The edge AI market is forecasted to grow by next year (2023), up to $1.15B. According to  (CAGR of 27%). CAGR  stands for Compound Annual Growth Rate.

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