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7 Best Digital Marketing courses for 2022

 This is a rapidly changing society. Even you are running a business. Trending knowledge and skills comes and performs every day. Surviving is not easy. If you are back on the insights, the game will be over. Be smart. Catch the latest tools.  so this article is just for you.”7 best digital marketing courses for 2022″

“Like “I know nothing”, search for knowledge, every day”: Steve Jobs- Apple 

If you wanna look to learn about digital business.  It’s high time to look for new online courses. There are plenty of trending courses available in the field. how do you select them? What are the criteria to concern? Well, we are going to help here, right now.

“Education is an investment for the future; know how to invest”

What are the best digital marketing courses for 2022

If we are concerned about this year we can identify many trends in this field. Of course, there are free courses and paid ones. But we advise you to decide what type of digital marketing course you are looking for. Remember the providers always include the best features for paid programs. it’s totally up to you for selection. Concern more on higher courses, because they are running the same business that we are discussing. For example; as a new blogger, do not look back. Select a higher quality, paid course. It’s an investment for your business. 

I Hope, This will be more practical guidance for real knowledge seekers.

01 Google Digital Garage ( free ); Our suggestion-“7 best digital marketing courses for 2022”

Google offers basic knowledge of digital marketing. more than 100 courses until today (03/31/2022). Even if you search for better ones? Still, Google will make it happen. Why don’t you try this?

Designed for whom? This is actually good for beginners. It covers fundamentals. Study online. Easy and free.

How does it work?

You can select the options like categories, course length, level, of course, certification whether- free/paid, etc. those things are normal. Actually when you‘re really seeking for. But we‘ll state some interesting criteria, which are highly recommended as a strategy for selecting courses.

Well is that so important? yes of course. Let’s see why…

Why do you need a strategy for selecting digital marketing courses?

These are the main points;

  1. Check for course structure: availability of the knowledge which covers the essential syllabus.
  2. Check for the availability of updated course contents: Why? Technologies are rapidly changing. knowledge is always changing for better levels. So be with the updated knowledge.
  3. Make sure to select a better-reputed course provider: Why each and every educational learning systems are different. They may use different methods and creative presentations. their practices are in different forms.
  4. Accreditation of the educational institution: make sure, if you are concerned about the certificate.
screenshot Google garage interface: best digital marketing courses for 2022

This is how Google garage gives options for selection. just go through carefully with these service providers. If you aren’t aware of it all. Just search Google and get to know that. 

Now you are ready to select. Cheers.

02 Udemy courses

If you are a knowledge seeker, this platform offers a bunch of digital marketing courses. so feel free to think of it.

Every online educational institution is different. Do not expect everything in one platform. even without a proper valid certificate, you will meet some additional and amazing tutors there. 

03 Simplilearn; Our Recommendation- “7 best digital marketing courses for 2022”

Personally, I have used their course contents. It respectively presents. If you look carefully there are plenty of digital marketing courses to select from. Free courses are available. Firstly you can try them. The main thing is when you choose a course, just check, “ what is my real requirement”.if it isn’t clear, you will end up with something else. Which is a waste of time. I mean the business-wise, not the knowledge side.

SIMPLILEARN Digital Marketing Course Agenda: example link 

  • Introduction Digital marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Types of Digital marketing
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • SEO
  • Google Ads 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy 2022
  • How to Create Instagram videos
  • How to Create youtube, Instagram, and Twitter Ads
  • Social Media Strategy for (stories)
  • Social Media Marketing?
  • content marketing
  • Content and Email marketing strategy
  • email marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  •  Marketing books
  • Marketing hacks
  • Digital Marketing Skills
  • Digital Marketing opportunities

Just go through the list. It covers major areas of digital marketing. This is the common and pre-designed course content. If you are smart in some specific areas, are suitable to teach them too. So we suggest you may have a better journey with Simplilearn.

7 best digital business courses
Screenshot Simplilearn interface: digital marketing courses for 2022

Go to the SkillUp section. There you will meet the course contents, searched for. Plus, you may find them in YouTube tutorials. 

04 Copy blogger

We know everybody is preparing for better writing. Of course not bad. The best article is not always highly engaging as planned. Why? This is a matter when you execute the business process. “A content strategy” makes it a success. So the strategic approach to content writing will give you better results.

So copy blogger is mainly targeting to make it happen for students. Try their courses.

05 Optimonster( not for free)

This tool helps with digital business. By creating email signup forms. Optimonster enables its users some additional facilities like email campaign-related features. Such as popups, full-screen visual interfaces, etc. just go to the site and select a suitable plan if you are willing to work with it. Be sure “is it really matches my digital business.” if yes, of course, this is a good platform.

06 Udacity

For digital technological knowledge, this is also an alternative. Offers many features on course contents. Firstly, have a look on what are the most relevant and important tools for your business. Then concern, whether you follow this platform or not.

Offers about 200 courses free (without a certificate). If you are a definite knowledge seeker, no certificate won’t be a problem. Try to find the course exact and relevant knowledge offered. Then start learning.

07 YouTube tutorials

Is that all? “7 best digital marketing courses for 2022”

Did you notice the YouTube impact?

Here is a bonus tip for you. (free, Tested, and reviewed). Sure apart from the certification side, when you are a freelancer or willing to self educate. I guarantee YouTube is the best place to do So.  Really… is it working?

I will tell you how, in the fields of website building, and WordPress, these tutorials taught me a lot of things. Mostly apart from paid courses, this was working nicely until now. Just search YouTube for the tutorials. You may see plenty of them. And free to select some latest and real good presentations. Of course, all tutorials are not the same quality. You can subscribe to channels when proven. I have used hundreds of them for 2 years without hesitation. Sometimes there will be mismatches of knowledge. But if you are smart it won’t be a problem. Thing is to be sensitive to identify really good presentations. Step-by-step guidance is really helpful. I designed my website. And it was very much helpful for WordPress administration. Without a highly paid web designer, I was able to manage until now. Of course, it’s not perfect. But as a reliable and easy way of doing this.

But with the YouTube tutorials, there are additional things to remember. What are they? “7 best digital marketing courses for 2022”

  1. When you are going to implement the knowledge taken from tutorials, there are some mismatches that may occur. Why? There is no guarantee of working 100%.due for various reasons. For example; once I tried to create a Child Theme on a WordPress website. I selected one video from a WP expert in India, it was really descriptive, step by step guidance was there. I made sure not to mess up as well as correct implementation. Of course, the first video was really successful, but the instructions given even step by step did not work! I examined it closely because I was handling the Theme, which is the base of the website, but it didn’t work. Later I contacted the creator of the video and discussed it with him. It’s a matter of coding. So the problem is not yet solved.
  2. There are long learning course tutorials. and some are really helpful. not everyone is smart. So selection is totally up to you.
  3. Check for options. Some are no good at all.
  4. There is no standard. Hence YouTube is a platform developed by users.
  5. Many knowledge seekers do not consider YouTube’s impact. It’s a really good place for many digital courses.
  6. Course contents/ features of websites are not matched for all locations or regions worldwide. depending on the availability of different policies made for some locations. as an example, on the Udemy website; there was no free course option! Even though instructors were described in their videos. Free course options help beginners. Before creating course content the digital businesses. OBS Studio is an application. If anyone needs to create digital marketing courses.  

 Don’t you like to try it out?. 


When you know the basics of digital marketing, by following a selected course. How do you get into work? Create your own digital marketing strategy. The areas focusing on the business included. Be smart in the specific focus of the digital marketing business. Nourish it day by day. Try to create better content inspirationally. A strategic content plan will make the business on the right track. That is how the digital marketing course executes.

Well, we conclude at this point. Read related topics digital business tools, how to write the best blog post

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