edge computing

Edge Computing

What is edge computing?

We are going to more simplify this matter. We always need high data processing, in order to make the efficient performance of the overall function. As an example, shall we take a traffic control system or autonomous car? So, Edge computing processes sensor data. that is connected as a center. This special connection is using nodes, node means it can be a device or a very close data point. together makes closer to the” virtual edge of the network”.so then this individual data source functions more efficiently. This is an edge connection. it can be multiple systems. and manage interaction with each other points. or else can work individually. mostly it is working with one primary central system. also connected with others networks. and this system can keep control over other networks too. Then this method enables local mobile data exchange efficiently. 

so, this is the edge computing concept briefly if you want to clarify more about this, comment below. We will bring a more descriptive article regarding that.

What are the challenges for network latency? Here are top 6 facts 

edge computing
Edge computing challenges

So, we are going to state key functional facts. It is a must to improve this innovation. To have a significant advancement, there are high demanding challenges still. All are depending on how we perform these matters. So, the edge of the network is responsible for edge computing technology. Here we consider 6 facts. Let’s check it out 

The Speed of Edge Computing

  1. Speed matter: this is a crucial issue still. You know when this technique comes to autonomous car. When accelerating the car all sensor data must be shared accordingly within the network. Otherwise, it cannot detect all the fast-moving objects. 

The Reliability

  1. Reliability: this is still a challenge. Why we suppose this edge computing is still too early to predict. Even road test drives are made over 10K kilometers on cars. So, reliability score also upgraded. No system is 100% perfect. But see here 1% of mistake will make few road accidents? It was happened as we know. 

The Efficiency

  1. Efficiency: why this is a challenge? Of course, computer works its own speed. But not all the time. As we know any time it can reduce, no? So, there cannot be expect constant level of efficiency.  

The Continuity

  1. Continuity: this is also related to above facts. Yes, continuous functioning is always a matter.it depends on the whole system functions. If continuity decreases or keep maintain in a constant level is a challenge. 

Fast error handling management

  1. Fast error handling management: this is an ongoing maintenance process. Nothing is perfect. So, it’s a general challenge to make bug fixing.  

Quality of Senser performance

  1. Quality of Senser performance: this generated at the local data collecting point. Of course, engineers will make upgraded sensers with better performance. Of course, front car camera sensers are looks good enough. But at this critical point, it’s better to have more accurate function. 

What will be the future face of edge computing? Here are top 3 awesome applications 

The forecast is really interesting. it will apply to many fields. these are just examples only. some are already launched. but we consider technological advancements.

01 Autonomous vehicle control system : The edge computing 

The future applications based on Edge computing will be highly interesting.  this will help to enable efficient city traffic management. Like vehicle traffic handling. Traffic optimization is now trending demand. Because improvement of locomotion is a key strategy of fast-developing world. We can keep positive hopes for an autonomous vehicle control system? This will allow you to make decisions for low traffic or no traffic situations as well.  

02 For advanced ICU machines 

The edge computing concept will help for new world’s patient treatment management. This is very important. Why future deceases will be more complicated. So, treatment technology also should upgrade. Here, local data collecting points can estimate the critical health of a particular patient. The most important thing is prediction. Will this tech tell future possibility of heart attacks? Like that. So, AI-related edge computer systems will come on the game. 

03 Smart home technology

Edge computing can support with smartly on this. of course this is directly using with IoT. it may overcome technological advancement for backhaul cost, latency, & security issues.

“Technology is for humans. Neither human for technology? Do you agree?” 


we will come up with an interesting article soon. read more on tech trends IoT, quantum computing, cyber security

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