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WordPress 6.5 Beta 3

Are you ready for the latest version of WordPress? On February 28, 2024, WordPress 6.5 Beta 3 will be available as a part of the content management system’s development cycle for its next major version. 

Can you install it immediately?


Acknowledging that this represents a beta version that should not utilize on production websites is vital.

 The focus of WordPress 6.5 Beta 3 is going to be like this.

Its sole goal is to assist in finding and repairing flaws before the final release through testing.

1.0 Key Features: 

With over 45 improvements since the last beta, this one focuses mostly on bug repairs, especially for the editor.

2.0 Availability: 

You have multiple options for testing it, such as a command line, plugin, direct download, or testing playground.

3.0 Timeline: 

March 26, 2024, is when WordPress 6.5 is expected to be released.

WordPress 6.5 Beta

In the run-up to its official release on March 26, 2024, WordPress 6.5 Beta was a sequence of pre-release iterations of the well-known content management system.

Below is a synopsis of the main concepts.

Before the official release, the goal is to collect input and find bugs.

  1. Availability: On February 6, Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 3 beta versions were made available. (February 28).
  2. Methods of Testing: Users may use the WordPress Playground or a staging site to test the beta releases.
  3. Focus: Across all three releases, over 1100 fixes for bugs & editing improvements were there in each beta, with the main goal being bug repairs.

Present Situation. 

The beta program has ended as of March 1, 2024, and WordPress 6.5 was recently made available in its final form.

To learn more, see the official WordPress publications for every beta version.

WordPress org news 2024 02 wordpress 6 5 beta 1 is the source of the beta.

WordPress 6 5 Beta 2 

Beta 3 is available at [here].

How do I test this version?

There are 4 ways to test WordPress 6.5 Beta 3:

1.0 Add-onAfter installing WordPress, activate the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

 Make sure you choose the “Beta/RC Only” stream and the “Bleeding Edge” channel.

2.0 direct download

 Straightforward Download, Install the Beta 3 version on a WordPress website by downloading the zip file.

3.0 Keyboard Command

 Apply the subsequent WP-CLI command.

Update WordPress Core;


WordPress SimulationTo test the program without requiring a separate site or configuration, use the WordPress Playground instance, version 6.5 Beta 3.

What are the major focuses of WordPress version 6.5?

The primary focus of this update.

Better tracking and comparison of updates made to templates & template parts. 

Easily monitor and contrast modifications made to both.

Improvements to the custom fields API. 

More freedom for developers and simpler field generation.

Font library. 

You may easily view and control every font you have via the WordPress admin interface.

Colorways– Adjust the color scheme of particular website areas to have more sophisticated design control.

Keep yourself updated

For the most recent information and announcements, keep a watch on the WordPress blog and core development roadmap. Recall that these are only estimates and could change at any time.

This should give you a decent idea of what WordPress has in store for 2024.

By the way, we’ll discuss some of the important points regarding WordPress update problems.

How to prevent wordpress core update issues?

There are two primary methods for avoiding problems with WordPress updates:

Look into the root of the update problem. 

This is the best method because it guarantees that your website is current and safe. 

Here are a few methods for resolving typical update issues.

1.0 Determine which themes or plugins are conflicting, then disable them all and use the default theme. 

2.0 After that, assuming the update is successful, re-enable each plugin individually to determine which one is at fault.

3.0 Not enough permissions on the server: Verify that WordPress can modify your files by checking the permissions on your files.

WordPress core files are occasionally susceptible to corruption. Try updating WordPress manually. it’s easy and safe.

Turn off automatic updates:

This is a good option in my experience.

( don’t set this on, keep it always off)

 This stopgap fix should be used carefully because it exposes your website to risk. 

To do this, there are 2 methods:

Making use of code The following lines should be added to your; 

wp-config.php file:

WordPress 6.5 Beta 3 there is need to auto update. wait for that.
use a notepad for this

Using a plugin- To have more precise control over updates, install a plugin such as Easy Updates Manager.

Important Reminder 

It is not advised to turn off automatic updates for extended periods. Bug fixes and security patches are frequently included in WordPress updates. Maintaining an updated website is essential to preventing vulnerabilities. 

If you disable updates, don’t forget to manually update frequently.

What is the new WordPress 6.5 Beta 3 update’s capacity to fix bugs? 3?

Beta 3 of WordPress 6.5 is not yet available. 

Version 6.5 Beta 2 is the most recent beta that is currently accessible. 

so, it was available expressly for testing to find flaws before the actual launch.

Based on Beta 2, the following is what we are aware of as WordPress 6.5 issue fixes.

Numerous bug fixes are included, albeit the precise specifics might not be known until the official release.

Enhancements in accessibility and performance appear to be the main priorities. 

More than 110 performance-related upgrades and 65 accessibility enhancements are supposedly included in Beta 2. 

These may cover problems that were obliquely impacting accessibility or performance.

To obtain a more comprehensive understanding of WordPress 6.5’s bug-fixing capabilities, it is advisable to hold off until its official release on March 26, 2024.

So, that’s all up to today. We can see more advancements beyond this update of WordPress.

I hope this short content helps!


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