quantum computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum computer? How it is working? 

We will show you simply. But remember this is not a simple process. It doesn’t matter. We are not scientists. At the same time, you are not going to do the same. quantum computing? and how it is dominating the world? this is our topic of discussion. so what are we suppose this explanation will help you to understand nicely. Shall we go?  

Let’s start with the principles of quantum mechanics. In science, quantum theory explains this. It’s the internal behavior of energy & material. that on the atomic & subatomic levels. In quantum systems, photons and electrons are very delicate. Also, unstable. Actually, scientists do not have a clear figure on this. Truth is that. Many promotional-type explanations say only the commercial side often. So, insides are yet to come. 

What is the difference between classic computer and quantum computer? 

Quantum computers process information differently. Classical computers use transistors, which are either 1 or 0. Quantum computers use qubits, which can be 1 or 0 at the same time. The number of qubits linked together increases the quantum computing power exponentially. Meanwhile, linking together more transistors only increases power linearly. we will help you to find some good points for this comparison.

Classic computer Quantum computer 
Information process: use transistors, means, voltage levels “1” or “0” For the same process: use “qubits” =( quantum bit) it can be either 1 or 0 in the “same time” 
Best for everyday data procession running simulations & data analyses, like for chemical and drug trials. 
Available at a general cost Expensive, why it must keep ultra-cold, 
Easy build and integration Difficult to make 
The extended feature is available like memory upgrade, speeds up Designed to solve more complicated problems 
Ex. MS Word runs well Nope, it will not work even, can run complex problems faster. 
Runs relatively simple apps Complex applications added, it can run various processes at the same time 
Available at low cost Minimum desktop type one is worth $5000 at Shenzhen SpinQ- China 
Reached terabyte level 100 qubits only up to now 
The comparison classic computer & quantum computer

What is the future of quantum computers? 

It is going to touch many exclusive fields. Creating cancer detection modules. This is already started. And new medication testings will go up to a super level. 

comparison with quantum computer with classic computer
progress over classic computer

Which fields are dominating quantum computing? 

The trend is for many areas. Commercial giants like Google, IBM, Micro-Soft +many companies are now focusing on expansions. Already some fields are significantly working. It will make many machines, devices. But with help of quantum computing. Complex error-checking etc. just look at these emerging fields.

  • Finance; can use to solve and handle heavy calculations 
  • Military services: manufacturing super tech machines 
  • Intelligence services like secret missions 
  • pharmaceutical industry; designing and inspection of drugs 
  • Aerospace experiments; designing part also matters 
  • space projects 

Quantum Computing: is it possible hacking?

Well, yes, you are right. now it can happen. means the future of hack-proof quantum computers will not appear. there is an eternal struggle between makers and hackers. so there is news of stealing data from quantum computers. if they can access like this why hackers cannot go further? definitely can do no? cyber security is an endless game? isn’t it?

so we conclude at this point. sure, we will meet next time with fresh articles. read more relating, AI trends ,nano tech trends.

bye for now,good luck

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