hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

What is hydrogen fuel cell (HFC)? 

This may be an interesting idea to discuss. Because environment-friendly power now matters. Are hydrogen fuel cells really working? Of course, it is not the truth. Scientists are trying to make an efficient Hydrogen cell. But not yet comes up to the commercial level. Yes, we need it soon to cars. Wait It is not easy as we say. Let’s see why this is difficult to make: as we already know, H2 is highly inflammable. 

  1. As a super soft gas Hydrogen (H2) is still difficult and hard to make. When burning, means Oxidizing gives energy + H2O. Which is well known as Hydrogen Oxide(water) 
  1. Still, we are not able to make a significantly efficient fuel cell. Actually, this working superb with car wheels, at the lab test. But the thing is without extra fuel cells, it’s no good for long run. 
  1. Horrible thing is scientists say that when making as an additional power storage, they “are not cleaner than petrol”. Well, this is a critical problem. 
  1. Already made efficient cells (HFC) are there. But if we select a best one for a test. It seems very low “response times”. This is a challenge to make it better. 
  1. Inside a car, as an example. We can utilize a space for power plant/ or engine. It’s not normally (something like)50% of the car. So, space now matters. Means we need to find extra space to store HFC. If not. It’s difficult to have nice acceleration
hydrogen fuel cell: make

Will Hydrogen Fuel Cell get the future? 

We suggest it’s too early to predict. Some important facts are there to solve. Hopefully, technology will rise up. Let’s discuss what are the challenging problems with Hydrogen energy cells

  • Infrastructure: if we want to emerge as a super power option for cars. Infrastructure has to be built up. Getting popularize will not be a matter, if get solved. 
  • Hydrogen type energy cells has always “high using risk” not only inflammability. Even made for cars. when at accident it will see like a bomb blast?  
  • Storing is also a heavy problem.  
  • Storage is still critical. Actually, inside a car, there are not enough place to store additional energy. 

Why Hydrogen fuel cells are expensive? 

This technology is not so easy to build up. Because it’s very hard to eliminate the nature of Hydrogen. This critical reason has affected the HFC business. So, let’s see why. 

  • In production of H2 in to cells, need many raw materials. Of course, H2 is also not free. Even when available freely on air.  
  • This process is called extraction.  this can perform at high cost. We can expect low-cost production manner will come. But not soon. 
  • Even complete production cost is still in a high level. This is not a good sign. It has to make by reasonable amount. 
  • Investors are not highly interested still. They will look forward if the overall production cost turns down? 
hydrogen battery for cars

The Comparison Over Electric Battery Type Vs HFC for Cars 

Electric battery type HFC 
Highly safe Low safety 
Low cost fuel cell High cost still 
No storage problem  Storing difficult 
Simple fusion Regulatory issues are still not solved 
Available infrastructure Not yet significantly 
Investors are looking for Not yet, because not cost effective 
Environment friendly Yes,but until explode 
No waste (direct power) water 
Relatively small fuell cells Large fuel cell 
Manufacturing- easy Complex make 
the comparison

it’s time to think. thanks for reading. read more related topics: quantum computing

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