What is the “size of the playground”?

In this article, I want to show you the size of the playground. as an innovator. you will understand this has no limits. so let’s see cool space: opportunities not yet seen

only the duration of human life limit. so this is just a matter of time. depending on the capability of achieving.

here are some examples. you do not need to pay attention for all. as you wish, playing is your business. I avoid mentioning spacecraft. because they are a bit away from this vision. realistic objectives I may concern.

01: Real-time blood sugar indicator:

there is a good invention in the medical field. if possible? this must be a compact device. like a smartphone. should be able to read the human blood sugar level every 1 second/every 5 seconds /or 10 seconds etc. the real-time figure output should be able to share through WI-FI to the internet. here you can embed an application for easy reception.

this will help the doctor anywhere in the world. to access figures. the application must show the results with graphs.

  • X axis = time(per 5 seconds) etc
  • Y-axis = glucose level

if you find a method for this you will be able to qualify next level of the game.

02: A detection device for Aura of the human body

if possible could it be a test for a full body checkup? mind & the body has an interconnection. though we do not observe.

it’s time to diagnose the diseases of the human body. as a super detection of medical equipment?

03: A Telepathy controlling & observing device:

this is an awesome technique if we have a method for the mind-to-mind messaging system? don’t think like a crazy idea. some experiments are still possible to do.

04: Earth energy generator system:

there are energies in the world. still, we do not know even. .it’s time to observe new types of power options. which has a better control

05: Energy storage management( different concept for a unique battery):.

the battery technology is developing slowly. still, because technology is old. there is a chance to super technological battery concept? you can think of long-lasting and quick-charging batteries. the trend is many electrical instruments are changes to electronic devices a long time ago. this is a popular field.

Image by my best in collections – look and press ?? from Pixabay

06: Chlorophyll creator system:

this has a high the future, we will not be able to find Oxygen significant experiments to see in this field. a tree leave can produce Oxygen with help of sunlight, water, and CO2. without extracting out of the air, if there is a new method to produce Oxygen? it is an invention of mankind. for the creator, the universal green award is on the way, if do so?

07:New air purify systems:

air pollution is very high. this is happening in many countries. the cleaning process can develop with high there are opportunities for efficient systems. also for processing methods.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

08: Solar power transformer:

systems: some methods exist. but working efficiently. and newer concepts are applicable. traditional systems have low progress. think out of the frame you will come up with a superb idea.

09: Aflatoxin level indicator device:

mostly contains coconut oil, this is a cancer cause chemical. this can scientifically test at the laboratory level. but home devices. I mean compact device comes out. so here is a chance to think about it.

10:Nano-technological devices:

learn more &more about Nano-tech. it’s a huge global trend to follow. amazing products/systems are already processing at the experimental level. unfortunately, scientists want to keep as a secret. so not much outcome in popular. but the next generation is nano-world definitely. try to concern.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

11: High tech water purifying systems:

this is an area. because in the future pure water is a big problem. purifying is now expensive. because a large range of chemicals is there. water resources are polluted.

if you are interesting, here is a chance. The sky is the limit. infinite. if you go for a realistic opportunity. success is so close. remind you, these are need to follow them all. it will be impossible too. take this as a guideline and given support to think further.

“cool space: opportunities not yet seen”

go ahead. good luck.

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