AI is the most important trend



AI is now a fast-growing field. what are the most significant facts? there are few leading trends here we are discussing. it helps in the fields of medicine, entertainment & education +many more. so what are the artificial intelligence trends?

as our vision is to encourage people to get more super knowledge to create a new AI world.

The main facts are:

  • “They” are incredibly faster than humans
  • “They” have much more accuracy than humans
  • minimizes the continuous attention of human


Artificial Intelligence services are now spreading in this area commonly. they are:

  • image recognizig as a tool
  • identifying difficult patterns on data streams
  • give exellent support to make better decisions
AI  stands for Artificial Intelligence
fast-developing field

TREND 01: IoT(Inetrnet of Things)

By linking Wi-Fi in a certain technique to emerge as “multiple things” is called IOT. in briefly using the internet connection to work with each other efficiently.

this field is in vast development. highly accurate and efficient handling enable. then decision making is much more convenient.

TREND 02:AR(Augmented Reality)

a mixture of digital solutions is here. visually they are now can add in real life too. as an example, in the entertainment field. you can be a character of a famous or like on a show Star Trek.

like these app-connected earphones to enable translation. it helps human speech into multiple options, enabling multilingual conversations.

Trend 03: Cyber Security

many US companies were attacked by Russian hackers. according to a news. so now it becomes a matter. sometimes there are compromisations. in general, companies don’t like to lose their businesses.

so in high levels of Cyber Security need.

Trend 04: Block Chain

This is very good for finance companies. by the end of 2021, you can see a rapid change here. this is a digital transformation of the money business. The currency market will see the launch of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

This image shows the AI  exceed over human brain
power is high than humans

Trend 05: Edge Computing

Edge computing enables computation and data storage together closer to the collection device. allows depending on one major location that is located far away.

It collects real-time data, and no need to suffer storage issues. that can affect an application’s performance and output.

It enables organizations to save money. by allowing the processing done freely. it deducts the amount of information stream that needs to process in an option like a cloud-based location. this is also an artificial intelligence trend

Trend 06: ML (Machine Learning)

there are many usages in the world for machine learning. such as graphic models, (NLP) natural language processing, deep learning.

Intelligent Automation is one of the fast-growing trends. if you are reading more.

Plus more;

this is another example.

Engine function monitoring system for passenger airplanes. in this case AI unit is there to recognize the functioning. and also for forecasting purposes.

of course, then operators can take actions in order to make decisions, when in an emergency.

Rolls-Royce tested this.

Future of the AI systems

by this technology, humans are moving away from tasks? this may be the grand start of a new automated world. isn’t it?

but also keep in mind this is the primary stage of losing human ruled world. you might not agree with me.

imagine, if “they” know their real power, there will be no chance for the man? of course it will take time.

do you know why recently shuts down FB AI Project? machines with AI started communicating with each other in an unknown & unrecognizable language. in conclusion, so the experts closed down the project immediately, according to the news.

read for the fascinating tech trends. for artificial intelligence trends.

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