How to be a successful innovator

You can following suggetions Number 1:

Be a knowledge follower. Read everything related. Search and see magazines .technological information. History of innovations. life stories of innovators etc. This is the superhighway to catch the knowledge. Study them, review them, you may find research gaps even. if you are in studying mind your age count is not so important. If you can go to a university as well.it is actually a huge prompt.it will be the base of innovative life. so it will become knowledge as an energy base.

Number 2:

do some experiments of your own. prepare a simple laboratory .you can use a separate room for that initially. Collect some tools/types of equipment one by one. Plan it nicely. Organize your works. Spend the time in your small home laboratory/ workshop. Then there will be a birth of a world-famous inventor, scientist, scholar.

Number 3:

All knowledge is the human brain made. You may try to think to add some significant solutions for some technological demands. Maybe those problems of day-to-day life matter. Okay, you are trying to think differently .this is not a simple technique as you think, happy with your pioneer product/concept/device/instrument. sure I don’t force you to be a technical worker. ordinary tech worker can do whatever is there and work accordingly. They have no further thinking power. Of course, I have seen many technical officers with innovative minds.

But you… here for a smart thinker.

new way

You are the only one going on this road

1 st feature

Find a road with no one who has been gone ever so far. That is what I want. selecting a pathway traditional is not expecting from you. you are going to be a great innovator. Keep your eyesight on the mind setup exactly.

2 nd feature

In this journey, your education path should sharpen up with target points. Ordinary students learn for a job or to be a merchant etc. But I want you to be adapted as a job creator. The real value of education is this. Studying something talled by someone else is traditional. Ordinary knowledge is not questioning. you are here to be questioned what others said.

3 rd feature

practice & challenge some scientific/technical ideas. This is a key strategic point should have with an innovator. But some fundamentals remain as it is. those rules exist in the world that cannot change by you and me. so don’t make unnecessary struggles with science or technology.


Energy Equation E=mc2.your knowledge box fills with existing plus. but not ignoring some basics. Education should lead to a result-oriented structure. so your running area could be a knowledge generator. The human mind generates everything. and can manage without wasting

beyond 2100

feature 4

Of course, your study field should overlap with what you are searching for. Eager of finding methodical ways is your objective. Be a practical person. Do not dream for higher systems at once. dream something reliable. In fact, you should dream. It’s a must. but to be a successful scientist try to step on horizontally ground. meaningful knowledge collecting technique is matching with needs and suitable. This is your responsibility. so fix with reality.

feature 5

self-searching procedures are more result-oriented. you are the teacher of you. and you are a student at the same time. If you follow this concept no doubt the goal is clear. like a hybrid system. If feels bored with this knowledge-gathering system. be aware and avoid such teachings. Because your whole innovative mindset can go away completely. Chase like a hunter. by energizing “What should I want to search” In this way time waste reduces. But be alert, you might not be missed important knowledge forms. make sure to clear it out.

feature 6

knowledge is updatable. if don’t run fast enough, some missing parts may appear. especially in the electronic and the microelectronic field. rapid changes are occurring every day, every month. so keep in mind25 years of an experienced electronic engineer is a lost person. what he was studied in the lecture room now not available and mostly outdated.be an updated person. so definitely works. “knowledge as an energy base ”

good luck.

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