How this is working

As in the main category, Experiment is not a standard definition. but as a defined concept. here is a platform to introduce and to take as a module of IQ.so let’s see that intelligence is a thinking machine? first, we consider the difference between;

  • Sequential processes(SP)
  • Combinational processes(CP)

in general, SP is having all electronic, microelectronic, devices and computers. as we know the human mind has CP.some digital systems are there with CP.but overall work is non-combinational. actually sequential. so our effort is to encourage. and to enable higher designing procedures. for this, we need to develop a “high-class sub-unit upgrading manner” .even though researchers have some of these types of modules. they keep them as a secret. because of marketing and political reasons

Method 01:

These subunits, you might not think in the traditional way think differently. I want to train you as a super designer. that does not exist until now. of cause maybe you can’t develop the same idea. but various ways you can be identified. a smart thinking man will collect your idea & concepts.

you may concern about AI systems. some robotic operations. study some automated ones too. from time to time see changes.

you can use your thinking power. and then the ability of upgrading increases.

What Next;

operational traceability of a small unit once observed.it’s easy to integrate additional units. we should know super system means a series of subunits. a small unit doesn’t exit an ultimate value, but connected in a system it has extra value. so it’s time to think about .try to observe. if identified the working process deep inside, the AI system’s developing capability will go up.


Try to consider fiollowing concepts 01:

small units are very important. there can be missing parts. which is not yet concerned and always be readable, observable, in figures. this may help you with higher processes .think always about a smart super system. it is absolutely a collection of small sub-systems. try to change the traditional reading methods .there may be unusual, unknown methods.

Concept 02:

it’s high time to think about it. it’s something like design criteria.

in other words, a system with a training facility. this is a bit higher concept. of course,

modern robots don’t have this feature. but under a certain limit, this is possible.it needs minimum human support.

what are them;

  • learning
  • memorizing & implementing independently
Image by Gerd Altmann from pixabay

Robotic operations:


Robotic machines are trending in the leading technology. But they are actually at a low level.


there are many features that can add them. the common problem is robots can cover a certain count of works.


they don’t have thinking power.it’s time to overcome this matter. by designing robotic systems with an extra worklist.

Try to observe new concept

we have to consider these limits. and there is a knowledge gap. they add different countries & companies. but most of them are kept as a secret.

of cause, all machines are made by the human brain-machine, unbeatable. even I do not believe this until now. it is not possible.

of course, Trainer Robots are able to overcome humans. but depending on the development of technology.

these “self-studying” Super Tech Robots can mark the final destination of mankind.

so you are here to be a superhero on that stage. be confident in advancing e- technological rise-outs. now you can suggest intelligence is a thinking machine? or not?

we promote you to do this. good luck!

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