What kind of ideas?

Ideas not yet thought of is very important. They are the things that we are searching for every day. If this generator not working properly, everything will be lost. So be aware of generating ideas, concepts. of course, all concepts may not be possible .but why not? we are going to research the is concept building precious or not? you can remove impossible matters. Then at least 2 or 3 concepts will remain in your hand like gold. So positive or negative is immaterial .velocity matters.

How it works?

Now how much the machine speed will be? More you are working, more and more generates.No stop until death. So have a count down. This is not dreaming. All of your experiments, implementations can do in mind. There may be some missing steps. No matter there are possibilities to re-correct many times. No need to spend a single cent on that. So then be practical. Try to test them in the real world to get them a value. More & more you test in mind, further steps will be easy. Take care of fine-tune idea generator. is concept building precious? See whether is it working properly and accurately.

When it is get working?

Depending on your testing capability, the output of this procedure would be fantastic with respect to the quality & quantity.

Example 01:

imagine you face a plane crash unexpectedly, if survived and are alive, what is doing immediately? you may write down within a minute, solutions as much as you can! Then by the next day have a close look at the paper written.

Example 02:

when you walk in the garden, imagine you found a piece of metaphor. What are you going to do? Write down on paper within a minute. of course, there are many solutions that still exist. no matter less important and no value things can cut off later. now check the number of solutions in the list. Later inspect them carefully. what are the things good, better, best, and no value matters?

think better

Check back results

This is like a game. This is a standard training method. We learn by experience. if you insist on this method later you will be able to increase with more possible solutions and less impossible matters. Everything is like a game. be insist it.

Image by Jess Bailey from Pixabay

Identifying system behaviour

All machines, systems are man-made. Like Robots may produce machines, parts, some subsystems are too man-made. so the next level of this game is extraordinarily important.

Step 01

Automatically you may observe in many combinations, interacts within the process. So this is going to be a higher level of engineering management. So to see how it works, have to follow few steps. the final output may have different approaches. Now make sure to do some series of additional testing followed by close attention.

Step 03:

Go for extra inspections with each subunit/mini-unit.so there you may observe any more combinations. Work nicely to re-correct them. you will feel how to fine-tune them. use the standard methods and as well as your methods too. In this stage, you may interconnect, assemble subunits/parts, and re-test them again and again. your newly made system is ready at the laboratory level.

Step 04:

Test again in various ways. You may see some mistakes as well. Nothing is perfect in the world. Then you may check by completing the gap between the problem &the solution. to increase the efficiency of the system can develop by adding few nice ideas. some times it’s a struggle of bug fixing process endless. a digital system should maintain frequently. for cyber security problems.

be a creator

This is not a fairy tale. This is how an innovator working. The typical structural approach may be like this. Additional systematic procedures may apply later. In this manner, you have an overall sense of how the new system works out. is concept building precious?

Step 05:

Do not forget that the idea generator still working. fine tunes are also possible at this level but under certain conditions. then you can give a nice physical cover for the new product. re-testing under different situations such as temperature levels and weather conditions can apply.

Step 06:

You may extract out in the third and the final level if you have encountered a new scientific-technological fundamental. so it can be a new theory. This is the most difficult level of involvement with higher engineering level personals. listen to them, discuss with them. Maybe you can generate nice extended features and try to give a new face to the system.

And some changes within certain limits. There is no theory that this is the final product. No… always this is a certain product, Somebody in future will make nice extended outlook. Developments always can apply. so there is no End Product. It’s always a certain concept. Anyway as an inventor your CERTAIN product is now ready on the table. I wish you good luck.

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