How much powerful thinking we have

This concept is a bit difficult to understand. but I will try my best. though the human mind’s capacity is physically a constant. thinking power is infinite/ if we make an assumption on the derivative solution like the sky. if 10 scholars make different solutions. we say this base like the ground. and they may have unconditional ways. plus unlimited approaching methods. the management of this process is very complex. the concept creator: infinite but approachable.

the nature of derivations is like this

  • 1 st type: of approach is time consumming +high cost
  • 2nd type: if we assume complexion with average processing time at a medium cost
  • 3rd type: will look like a simple process with fair cost

these 10 scholars have options. but these are not a matter. that what we want really. it depends on the value we propose.

The smarter way…

In modern systems are focusing designs with simple processings. this is a smart depends on the work. compact systems and different methods have a real value.

An example:

USA scientists wanted to design a pen. to write on paper in space. this was a big task and finally achieved .but cost was $ 5M .but Russians wanted the same work to do. and they simply used a pencil which is less than $ 1 .this is not meant that US scientists are too crazy. that was absolutely for new technology. useful for other or further technology. so we can mention both are smart.

power of thinking

Imagine the direction…

for compact (small size and small weight) systems? how will be the face of it? as an example, let’s take a computer.desktop type ->Laptop ->Tab ->Smart phone ->? so what will be the next? and where to .my suggestion is “Palmtop”.of cause smartphone is almost there. I mean it is on the palm still .but also possible the opposite side of the palm? then the palm is free to work? the point is we promote you to design something out of frame.

Your story is on the way…

Point 1:

in this chapter I want you to pay attention to this. be careful always the human mind is trying to pull backward. because of its natural behavior. sometimes even a good inventor’s mind is like this. so please train your mind/brain in this manner. each and every problem has many solutions. which is a challenge.

Point 2:

second is even after catching a method for solutions still above matter exists.

Point 3:

you might discover this later. there are many methods with most convenient. which you haven’t paid attention to properly.

Point 4:

of cause ultimately you will select a premium way to attain the goal. but don’t stop thinking out of frame.

Image by yogesh more from Pixabay

The “Motivation” main category is there to represent this. think softly with a calm mind. if you have mindfulness there are many think patterns can identify. also, they are so nice. that is an “un-categorized jump”. means once you found an individual point. if your mind is not so interesting. what will happen is jump to any other one which is not related to the first one? so closely attend for this. if not time waste will be high! the concept creator: infinite but approachable.

better be aware of this. if you can’t control this, some inner ideas can miss, which are highly related to the first one. hence you must go in deep in one case. without collecting some super assumptions. try to click this. go ahead. good luck.

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