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I will show you, that who is An innovator? his features look like this. some smart men are talented. they focus relevant fields on their own interest. of cause, they are interesting and centralize on a respective stream. let’s see the eagle eye: real requirements. due to some special reasons, they are likely to do experiments. with what they want and wish to do. this is not bad but if you don’t recognize it. so I invite you to be sensitive to the real requirements of mankind. because you going to invent a product or service who are seeking to accept.don’t forget this matching feature.

your eagle eye must focus on it.

Then what is next?

you have a chance to some technical matters, with weak points. try to correct them. your business is that.

if you can select one of them, it can make an operation. don’t you?

this is an important matching concept. the” toolbox of your own” and the “target of what the world required” vise versa. let’s see the eagle eye: sensitiveness of real requirements.

so it’s wise enough to understand this is a reversible reaction to keep. keep both operations balance.

and this is not easy to catch up. the sensitivity expressed here is ultimate, will be the money-making machine.

” what you can invent”and “what others want” vise versa. of cause, we do not describe how to make money on innovations. that’s a different topic.

Try to stand up on the feet of the audience

if this matching tool works. your audience won’t vanish. At higher levels, you will understand what I said now.

sometimes you will need to find a sponsor to manufacture your “dreams”.this concept is really going to be happening.

this case is completely a marketing matter. so slowly focus on what really want.

psychologically everyone expects appreciation. you are a human. then it’s a backup from society. let’s see the eagle eye: sensitiveness of real requirements.

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You are working to be an innovator .common people are not. means they are doing nothing. they might discover some life hacks. small simple devices without any new theory. but with existing technology. those little gadgets require for your experiments. so don’t underestimate the common world’s thinking power. let’s say in other words. imagine,1 scientist and 100 common men are thinking for a solution. it might be a higher value than one scientist? so try to do something possible.

To be an eagle-eyed man…you can follow these steps:

number 01: use eagle eye

As an eagle-eyed man build up an extraordinary sense. Search with an un-comparing manner of your own. when general people are not able to find out a real solution. let’s see the eagle eye: sensitiveness of real requirements.

so go into deep thinking. only smart players can go through the cause. identify your real capabilities.

Number 02: go deep

It’s more than a thousand times you think absolutely. practice what you can. focus right direction. a man with eagle-eye, an innovator is highly essential. such a motivational approach among needs and discoveries. this is a critical thing for a smart planner too. identification fact has superb value.

Number 03: specific goal

go in deep and see the specific solutions. that’s a smart job. everyone cannot handle it. only very few achieve. if you have a creative mind setup. plus eagle-eye vision.

why not you can take the challenge. let’s see the eagle eye: sensitiveness of real requirements.

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Number 04: Identify

if it’s possible to Identify technical gaps. our concern is about a critical point. the ability to observe rapid changes, in the relevant field. it’s a must. you are not the only one here. there are many people. companies, who are going really faster than you.

Number 05: New opprtunities

if you can watch what is happening at this moment. so you can search for opportunities. discuss with them. or try to learn new approaches. means the eagle eye: sensitiveness of real requirements.

always keep on alert. for new ideas & concepts. you can change and fix them to your story well.

because thinking style is quite different from one to another.

Number 06: Review

many organizations do this. they take some scientific magazines for review. they are smart to extract out many internal designs.

so now they do much faster than the original inventor.

Number 07: Analyzing level

Always try to go in deep to see how many different possibilities are there. and see the critical changes. and see where the best solution is. clarify it .inspect carefully. then can come up with the working design.don’t lose the energy in discovering.

go for that

if you are aware as a researcher. then better to have a stronghold. unless surviving on the workbench. will be lead to the goal. Does nobody know what is? where is? how is? so be sensitive on the path you wish to go.

it’s high time to engage with the eagle eye: sensitiveness of real requirements.

good luck.

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