bio artificial kidney

Bioartificial Kidney

Hello friends, here is a piece of huge good news for all of us. a superb innovation is on the way! this is the prototype of a bioartificial kidney. you can imagine how much important this is. an artificial kidney that can transplant with surgery, is now being developed. this is a great option for kidney transplants. or the traditional Dialysis method. This is one of the national health institutions in the USA. which is important for researchers. our thanksgiving to;

  • The National Institute of Biodegradation & Biodegradation (NIBIB).
  • The University of California,as well as San Francisco:the biological engineer Shuvo Roy Ph.D.
  • The kidney disease specialist at Vanderbilt University, William Fissell (MD) are leading with this magic.

Top 7 reasons how much value the innovation: Bioartificial Kidney

In human history, this is a revolution. of course, this product solves many health problems.


Number 1: No Waiting list

So there won’t be any need to wait. looking for donors until it’s their turn for kidney transplants and surgeries.

Number 2: Prevent illegal kidney trafficking

As you know already, this is a big problem in some countries like India. it’s very difficult to control even. due to poverty. some people tend to sell their kidneys at a low cost. this is actually illegal.

Number 3: Avoid matching facts-donar’s side

The matching process for kidney transplantation is not easy. because the blood group is important. and other clinical experiments are significant facts. this always comes with a natural kidney. plus all the difficulties come with the donor’s side. which is his life is also in danger. all matters will solve by this product.

Number 4: Life time extension

As we know this is critical for Dialysis type patients. no other good option instead transplant. so this will be a big hope for them?

there is a high possibility to extend the lifetime for the patients with bioartificial kidneys?

Number 5: Reduce of rejection rate of the transplanted kidney

Even when kidney transplantation is successful, there is a possibility of rejection by the body. hopefully, this new product will give us a positive it’s a good trend for hopes? isn’t it?

Number 6: Success in kidney disease treatment

In the modern world, we know artificial food consumption is very high. this is why causing a big problem for kidney health. if a bioartificial kidney success, kidney disease management becomes comfortable? isn’t it?

Number 7: Reduce of kidney related diseases

This organ plays a vital role in the body. failure of the kidney may harm other organs like the heart, eyes, liver, etc. so just because of a single organ may lead to multi-function failures. for this, the new product will give us a nice surprise for life you agree?

Is it true that clinically succesfull, Bioartificial Kidney?

Yes, of course. results are impressive. according to the researcher Roy, “We aim to conduct clinical trials on an implantable, engineered organ in this decade. we are coordinating our efforts with both the NIH and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration”.

How fast can they achieve approval for bioartificial kidney?

This is a little bit critical matter. so hopefully they will do it in the next 5 years. and this is not just a forecast. based on facts and figures. you know these clinical testing are taking a long time. even it is finished, for now, we do not know our body accepts ” this” or not. sometimes it has to be “repaired” again?.

so this type of experiment is time-consuming. so do not lose hope. they are working fast as they can.

Ultimately this innovation will make a better intention. therefore kidney patients have now nice hope of life. and this prototype of the bioartificial kidney will be the greatest product of the decade.

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