Inspirations are allowed at any time

How this is going to enable?

This concept introduces a key strategic approach. it is for an innovative person. the value of this criteria is this. let’see the note pad: for consistent records.

your brain is giving pulses about your new system. keep in mind the power of the mind is very high.

and no machine ever matches this super speed.

some times” he”is giving so many solutions in few microseconds. even you might not be able to catch everything?

if you are not mindful to catch them out. some very important points can miss out. and you can’t copy or read them all.

because you almost missed many suggestions,

Only you need is pencil & a peice of paper

though this is very difficult, use a notebook with a pen to overcome this weakness. this is not a 100% solution. but it will help you to tackle the case. that is note pad: for consistent records.

because how do you know? what kind of superb idea is coming? and when? so the solution is ready with a notepad. in this way, there is a good chance to solve this matter.

the appropriateness for consistent recording manner.

remember this notepad is no need for a digital one. you may have many? but not suitable. better use the old manner. and it’s reliable too. if any important ideas. or assumptions. or solutions, you may note them down immediately, in short. do not write down like many prescriptions of doctors. later you cannot recognize or read them? in readable shorten form of your own practice before is ok.

later in the review, you may go through these ideas whether those are good for a think further and implement, or not.

example: simple format is like this ;

  • Date : ##/##
  • Concept : ******* **** ***
Image by Gerd Altmann from pixabay

Innovations create the world again

creative superb ideas can come up at any moment. first, keep in mind. then write on the paper quickly. if delayed it can vanish. this has happened to me. sometimes later on very difficult to derive it.

when you check the notes. it is possible to see some important things within the note. so this is a powerful technique.in mathematical calculation form also good. keep your work record simply. also can use a diary too.

Mindfull workers use to do so

sometimes you might forget what was did. for different types of experiments. many highly innovative men use this method.

there is no standard record system. you are free to use this technique. can use your own way. but in short, clear and traceable.

if possible and wish to do so. try for a complete record. in a general simple way is more convenient.

This recording way is unique

I suggest you better have a noting method of your own. use unique forms. then you can keep it confidentially. if possible use color. for better visibility. these records are like a life story and a diary of an innovator. this is why you use it. note pad: for consistent records.

As an example;

The great Indian mathematic scholar Ramanujan had nice simple papers. some are newspaper edges. notes are still available in the government of India.

if there are missing steps, you can extend this further. into the most important notes. descriptively, depending on the matter.

please do not use electronic note pads. they are not suitable. a pencil and a pen are good enough. available at any time free and easy.

image by Jan Hennemann from pixabay

Thesse records have real value

This documental record system is highly productive. when we need to get back-ups. for an ongoing process. you are free to discover many things with this. this is a unique way too.

a saved history will have additional value. also with;

  • observing mistakes
  • identify failures

don’t worry about failures. they are part of this business. when you fail, you think &obesrve again. if not failed you don’t learn and never think for a new direction.so if you can keep a record of failures, that would be definitely a powerful tool. electronic screens are no good. use a simple technique. later on, these records will become your life story too. or as a legend of your own. these kinds of records have a high value normally. sometimes governments take them their custody. the goal is not only a destination. the process is the game of success .good luck.

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