Have you ever been failed? no? are you sure. okay if you feel that never failed! it means you haven’t started anything innovation, especially related here. failures: teacher of the innovator.

I suppose you should know to fail. when you fail, know how to fail at least. common people don’t know how to do this. but they definitely do have frustrations, giving ups, crying, getting angry, etc.

if you want success don’t do like this…

How failures teach us to get up?

first, you should know failures are natural. the god is not against you. in a sequence of working manner in any kind of process, there are many failures such as mismatches. misleadings,  mistakes, wrong calculations, under-estimates.

if you fail 10 times it’s ok, again you fail in the next 100 times, even ok .then if you can stand up still you might fail in the next 1000 times, also ok.

wait there is a time for everything. inspirations can occur at any time… 1001’st time you will definitely win. so it’s time to understand that failures: teacher of the innovator.

When failure help us to come up?

It’s a check-up for your patience, strength, ability to handle the success, etc. when this unique process is over, it is the time. so you never know when! your struggle must be collecting those elements according to the right you…?

Image by the Nile from Pixabay

Is it easy to accept failures?

No, it is hard always. better an innovator has a stronghold. don’t listen to your heart often, because heart breakings are possible. listen to the mind or the brain. where the front direction shows. the heart might show the reverse gear. and heart may find excuses, but the brain will come up with possible it’s real fact to know failure: teacher of the innovator?

People search for success lessons! why failure lessons?

Of course. I do not teach you to fail, never. this is to guide you to take the real source of;


so this inspection is quite complex. and this takes time for a full investigation. because this is handled by yourself and the situation is always critical. this is not like a postmortem. if you can find the real causes, not the symptoms.

it is the start of your winning game. this is how the failure lesson turns into success

Searching for possible re-corrections

if the analyzing process is really okay, it’s too difficult to find better solutions. the most important thing is that you found errors/bugs once you found them. you automatically tend not to do those practices again. this is how the mind works.

if you train the mind in the right direction .mind probably helps you to come up with super discovering.

Listen to the teacher inside, it never cheats you

If you really engaged in this manner, there will be fewer failures in the future. when you work parallel with streamline, there’s nothing to re-correct you again and again.

so try to understand the point. I wish you good luck.

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