autonomous weapons

Autonomous Weapons

Hi friends, nice to see you here. today we are going to surprise you with a nice article. we must be aware of this. even we are too late? recently there was a paper presented to the UN even. to “ban autonomous weapons”. here many powerful countries are developing. they did not agree on banning? in this, we try to make you know well. by rejecting the proposal said. “it’s too late now”. so we try to analyze this matter. shall we go?

Top 10 reasons for why auotnomous weapons are bieng developing?

No.01: High accuracy

Absolutely these high-tech war machines are highly accurate. it’s amazing. human soldiers cannot reach this level. they will not miss many targets.

No.02: Autonomous Weapons are Automatic

It’s really no need for too many commands. “they” can decide what to do. this is one of the extreme advantages.

No. 03: Fever Mistakes

Or Robot weapons will make fewer mistakes. it can program that ” what to do next”. there will be no “human-like” errors.

No.04: Autonomous Weapons work long way

Robot soldiers are no-tired. no need to rest. continuously operate.

No.05: Low Maintanase cost

Most probably, human soldiers are difficult to maintain. they need additional care. so with low supplies.

robots will remain on the battlefield. the initial cost is normally high at this level.

No.06: Autonomous Weaponse saves lives

just think about it, the main thing is no need to have life risks. if one robot destroys. there will be “many are at the factory”

No.07: Risk free fighting

This type of machine is suitable and capable of handling risky jobs in a war zone. even when places that humans are unreachable. this is amazing no? let’s see the next one.

No.08: With AI war machines :Full Control Over the operation

You can imagine how difficult this is. having control over the warfare situation is not an easy task. so these Autonomous Weapons are there to perform.

No.09: Easy Commanding

It’s a wonderfully easy task. in critical situations this is very important.

No.10: With AI Tech. handle smarter tasks

There is a possibility to handle everything with artificial intelligence. of course, this is already on the show.

What is LAWS?

Stands for “Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems“. they are high-tech weapons. and they are having the capability of “sensor suites” & “computer algorithms”. do you know the most awesome part of this? it has self-identify as a target. they would react instantly. it can manage well like a smart commander. so this robot weapon will engage and be capable of destroying targets without any human commanding systems.

Will Autonomous Weapons know thier real power

By observing how fast they are growing, it will. but if humans are capable of taking hand over these robots. why we educate them? so still the responsibility is in our hands.

autonomous robotic weapons
autonomous robotic weapons

Will Autonomous Weapons have Thinking power?

NO. never. but it will remain something like that. as an example. They will know how to reproduce robots. to think there must be “A MIND“. it cannot create. according to the far eastern religions like Buddhism.

Will “they” feel like humans?

The answer is already given above. it never happens. embedding a mind does not exist. it’s a duty of the Creator. will remain like robots with human shapes.


Will Autonomous Weapons rule over mankind?

Dear friends, this is the most critical part of this discussion. I suppose personally, “the day is on the way”. of course, it’s not impossible. if AI Robots are escaped out of control? nobody knows what will happen next. it might be all games are over. then it’s better to find a place to hide.

but it has a long way to go. the thing is before that human civilization will terminate. because of many other reasons. like weather disasters. Virus attacks etc.

we invite you to think about our world! goodbye, see you then.

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