bionic eye

Bionic Eye

Hello friends, today we are talking about an awesome innovation in human history. Oh, what’s that? did you read it well? yes, it’s called the Bionic Eye. now it comes with new technology. first-time scientists are smartly implanted for a blind person successfully. there are no words absolutely to tell you that, how important this is…how beautiful this world is? but many blind people cannot see it no? this good news is for them. they will love to hear even.

hope of blind people
the hope of blind people

How much successful Bionic Eye ?

“Having spent half my life in darkness… I can now tell when my grandchildren run towards me… and make out lights twinkling on Christmas trees…  These little things make all the difference to me.”

Keith Hayman; ‘Bionic eye’ implant patient

This is a simple example to prove that. point of view from a patient’s side. Patients making the system have directed an implant. that is into their retina. and after that, a camera mounted on a pair of glasses sends wireless signals directly on the nerves. so now then can control eyesight. Then signals are possible to ‘decode’. this is a wonderful point. then the brain is capable of flashing light. how nice?

What is the Bionic Eye Technology?

In general, the function is simple. The bionic eye inserts a retinal implant. focusing on a video camera. a pair of glasses helps to hold it. Then the eye cells are ready to give visual signals. where along the optic nerve. which directs to the brain. that is interpreting an image. the bionic eye is capable of imitating. so like a normal run with the Retina. then it reinstates a sense of vision. how awesome technology?

Is Bionic Eye Successful treatment?

That improves Visual Acuity 75%-80% of blind patients. according to researchers. but it’s is not what we expected. on the other hand ” something is better than nothing”. and not every blind people are suitable for this. if they have problems in the Nerve system for vision? unluckily this is not for them. mostly born blind people. their nerves cannot re-construct.

How about the future of this?

Many bionic eye implants are still at the research level. The USA has reached one type of product. thing is, it is also good for some kind of blindness only. depending on how fast they are growing will matter.

Needs Improvement

As we know already, the bionic eye is not perfect. vision is blurred + breezy. it’s a challenge to improve eyesight. so we will keep hope on behalf of the blind community.

Technology is bieng Upgrading

This is a piece of good news actually. scientists are testing for important upgrading. mainly consists of…

  • Boinic eye device is now going to change. it will bypass the human eye & will transmit visual signals wirelessly. this is a nice option.
  • But it’s not an easy task. because, electrical pulses passess through electrodes built on the suface of the brain. representing vision. called Cortex of the brain. which is possible to identify vision.
bionic eye changes the life
will change the lives of blind people

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