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Hello friends, we are back again with you. today we will give you a nice scientific surprise. what is Xenobot? it’s an innovation of a new era. an emerging technological experiment. think about the film Jurrasic Park. it was in the last decade. now it’s going to happen? this is still under the experimental level. this is how it works. scientists encountered Swarms of tiny “Xenobots” that have the ability to Self-Replicate in the lab. and pushing loose cells together. this was found for the first time in history. this form of reproduction has no theory to explain in multicellular organisms.

but no doubt, it’s a milestone of Robotech. we have to wait a little more. shall we look in? ok, here we go…

How Xenobots are working?

“Xenobots” are some kind of a collection of Living Cells. but they are quite different from normal cells. they do not have a Bio-system. like a nerve system. But, here the special thing is they can be pre-designed. in a smart way. there is a possibility of corraling other cells. this is awesome no? in recent researches found, cells react to programs? this is why scientists assume, them as living robots.

Do they have replication capability?

Yes. according to the scientists. but still at the lab. there are many experiments to reach the real working level. the most important thing is, that science cannot explain how. it means scientists do not know still that what the true theory behind is.

How Xenobot works?

You can understand that these tiny cells act like stem cells. this is an amazing point. so reproduce it now works. they can move even. that’s why scientists think, these tiny Robots are programable?

xenobots - living robots

What are the key areas to be perform?

Let’s see how they are performing. scientists have many hopes on that where to work. remember these are positive hopes.

  • Identifying & collecting tiny plastic particles in the ocean
  • Cancer treatments
  • Wound treatments
  • Solution for anti-aging ?

What will be the future of Xenobots?

Actually, to answer this question I suppose too early. still, all expressions are at the fiction level. it seems to be over-thinking. positive work is always ok. but it’s better not to take the creator’s task?

Is Xenobot possible to change the world?

Of course yes. hopefully. like a miracle no? so we are concerned about this way. this might not be a general hope. technology will make them happen? to give a fair forecast on this is too early!

So friends, at this point we will conclude the discussion. hope you got something. feel free to read more about innovations.

good luck.

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