If we don’t pay attention on this

every moment is highly important. due to conditional or unconditional reason. the time factor is the most accountable matter. in any type of mathematical equation time factor never has a minus value. it is not just a mathematical fundamental theory. as well as time- management too. this discussion is not only calculating efficiency. it’s a super-sensitive case. so it has to observe the accurate deserve on persistence with respect to other factors using in calculations. all mathematical people are not scientists. all scientists are not smart in figures. this is a matter of your IQ. time factor: precious ever.

microelectronic system

01: Speed matter

what is the importance of the time factor? here we shall make some advantages with time. not only the speed. as well as the quality of the product. if matches both, .this is successful.

02: compactness is difficult to achieve

when we add sub-units to a system, it’s getting bigger and bigger. you can see how significant this is. as a result, now speed becomes a matter. this is the total performance of processing speed. when generation upgrades, primary processes are catching super speeds. It’s a good trend. but as we know bigger systems still working slowly. because when we need to connect other parts, that is not may not be working like a processer. this is a really important experiments and developments are going on to increase the total system speed. time factor: precious ever

machine code

Main points are;

  • observe data & information
  • critical analysis
  • commanding in no time

why time is so crucial?

We discuss here is the process. when connecting other physical parts & subunits are working at their fair speed, which is extremely slow with respect to a processer.

example: robotic operations; in this type of pre-programmed structural systems cannot handle the case out of the schedule/ stops working. because the robot doesn’t know what to do? these are basic matters. but your thinking power can match for re-corrections within the system in advance.

As an example: Gold vs Platinum

gold is rare and expensive but we have it. Platinum is rarer. even though we have it. time is not! think again & again how to increase the working speed of a system. why? we have limited time for that. everything we want to do in no time.isn’t it?

Time: study is important

Time flows on one side. as you know time gets some innovations down and becomes outdated. so any units, sub-systems. or bigger systems should have the capability of upgrade. but this is not always possible. there are many good features of microelectronic devices.

Next example is..

Think of a home laptop .it can upgrade under a certain limit. sometimes you can’t double up only the RAM size. because the motherboard is not supporting this. this is the same for the processer even. so the whole system should be upgraded. of cause, this is happening now.

Match the modern up comings

because the commercial value is very high. like that, you can’t use modern software on your old computer. system requirements are rapidly changing. now fair RAMsize is now 16GB-32GB. not only that supporting units like processes type/speed etc. so time makes changes in very high level. an innovator should insist latest technical concepts. don’t think all changes are doing by experts. some super-smart youngsters even those who can think out of frame are doing this. thinking out of frame is a business of skilled men and innovators. time deletes many concepts fully, and updated&upgraded sophisticated by highly talented men. so it’s time to think about that time factor: precious ever.

Think along with time

technological concepts change many times. expire in no time. watch what is happening at this moment. so think differently. after all you can work out against the time factor. with innovative-minded people, what we can’t do?

if you think you can do this. you never’s time to think out of box. if your mind is ready you are ready.

time matters. the mind is the factory. the thinking is the process. your smile is the final output.

if successfully update your dream device. we all are happy. so try to achieve it. from a different angle. as an innovator be a winner.

I wish you all the best.

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