task management tools make everything easy?

Task Management Tools

Did you ever try task management tools? well, as a business administrator, you have to check it out. No matter whether you are an experienced manager or not. Here we discuss how to do it and insights into various types of software.

Why do business administrators use task management?

These are the reasons that will work for you. 

  1. Scheduling work and putting the most important things first.
  2. Establishing specific objectives and creating a plan to achieve them.
  3. Reading, taking classes, attending webinars, and networking are all methods of learning and developing new abilities.
  4. successfully managing their time by planning their day, employing time management strategies, and keeping themselves from being distracted.
  5. Regular exercise because it encourages sane behavior and clear thinking.
  6. Establishing a network of dependable contacts to assist them in achieving their objectives.
  7. keeping organized with the use of technology and task management tools like calendars, notes, & reminders.
  8. Staying organized through the use of technology and task management tools like calendars, reminders, and notes.
  9. Eating a balanced diet to preserve mental acuity and a consistent source of energy.
  10. Getting enough sleep and rest is important since it has been shown to have a positive effect on productivity and creativity.

It’s crucial to remember that adopting these behaviors won’t ensure your business will succeed and that everyone will find success in their own particular way. 

Nevertheless, doing so may greatly improve the standard of your enterprise.

How do project management tools help?

Workflow-based task management systems may be a terrific way to boost output while getting things done. 

A few explanations are as follows:

1.0 They assist you in keeping things organized.

It might be simple to let things go through the cracks while you have an extensive list of chores to keep track of. 

However, a task management application makes it simple to see what has to be done as well as when it needs to be done. This might prevent you from neglecting crucial duties or missing deadlines.

2.0  They aid in keeping you organized.

You can keep your chores organized & prioritize them according to significance with the aid of a competent task management application. This might help you avoid wasting a ton of time and effort attempting to prioritize your tasks.

3.0 They can aid in team management.

 Task management tools are a terrific method to ensure that your team is working together effectively. You may delegate work, establish due dates, and monitor development. With everyone contributing their fair share, you can make sure that chores are completed on time.

 4 .0 They can assist you in automating your tasks.

Workflows are frequently embedded into task management applications, which can assist you automate your tasks.

Akiflow – A trending software

An online platform called Akiflow provides materials and tools to organizations and people to help them organize their work processes and increase productivity. 

The platform offers features including project management, team communication, time tracking, and productivity statistics.

A productivity management tool called Akiflow unifies job tasks into a single user interface.

For instance, Akiflow supports importing Trello to-do lists, Zoom invitations, and Slack reminders.

Team members may view the tasks that must be completed on a single platform in this fashion.

The business has so far received $1.9M in investment. However, some recent research indicates that over usage of productivity tools is really beginning to reduce productivity.

In actuality, switching between productivity tools causes employees to lose about 5 hours every week. 

Because of this, there is an increasing need for solutions that can manage productivity across all channels.

 Did you see the stats?

Over the previous 5 years, searches for “all-in-one productivity management” showed an increase of 2400%.

What are the top tools for managers using project management?

The greatest tool for managers will rely on their unique demands and preferences out of the various project management solutions that are accessible.

Many managers find the following popular Task management tools helpful

1 Trello

 Trello is a tool for organizing and prioritizing tasks visually. It employs cards, lists, and boards to do this. Checklists, deadlines, and team communication are among the elements that make it simple to use.

2 Project Microsoft

 Gantt charts, resource management, & project scheduling are just a few of the useful tools included in Microsoft Projects. It is a thorough tool that may aid managers in the planning and execution of challenging projects.

3 Smartsheet

Project deadlines, activity tracking, and team participation are all components of the cloud-based project management program Smartsheet. 

simple to use and adaptable to a range of project management requirements.

These are just a handful of the numerous project management solutions that are accessible. 

Managers should think about their own requirements as well as the demands of the staff before selecting a tool, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each tool.

4 Asana

 Asana is a well-liked project management application that enables users to; 

  • define tasks, 
  • distribute tasks to team participants, and 
  • monitor progress. 
  • Calendars, 
  • timelines, & 
  • team dashboards 

are among the many tools available.

5 Basecamp

To-do lists, calendars, file sharing, and team chat are among the features that Basecamp’s complete project management application offers. It is intended to support teams in maintaining organization and good communication.

6 Jira

 Project management software called Jira is well-liked by software development teams. It provides tools like agile boards, scrum boards, and Kanban boards that may assist teams in managing challenging projects.

7 Monday.com

The flexible project management software Monday.com includes tools for;

  • team collaboration, 
  • time tracking, and 
  • process customization. It is versatile and adaptive to a variety of project management requirements.

   8 Chisel 

Chisel is one of the greatest task management programs that meet all of the requirements for the advantages listed above.

Using task management systems in conjunction with processes like Chisel has several advantages.

To guarantee your project is top-notch, use Chisel to add tasks, organize and plan processes, add tools for team discussion, and more. 

To determine what you’ll be working on now or later, you can construct Kanban boards. Based on prioritizing ratings, you may order tasks in Treeview.

9 ProofHub

 A complete platform for team collaboration and project management is called ProofHub. On a single platform, it combines capabilities like document management, conversations, Gantt charts, task management, and time tracking.

What is crucial in task management tools?

This is very important.

There are plenty of solutions available online. But before choosing any option, you have to keep in mind crucial points.

Important points of task management tools

Each project management tool simply has to include these characteristics, which are all rather simple but are also the most important. 

If it doesn’t have one of these features, I won’t even think about utilizing it.

  1.  Having the capacity to arrange and clearly create assignments and projects.
  2. Tools for collaboration and communication that support teamwork and alignment.
  3. Features for managing time and money that assist teams in staying on schedule and under budget.
  4. Robust analytical and reporting tools that support teams in making data-driven choices and offer insightful information.
  5. the capacity to seamlessly interact with other tools and programs, such as task management, time tracking, or collaborative tools, to establish a workflow.
  6. To adapt the tool to the unique requirements of your team, there are modification and customization options available, such as the capability to add new fields or workflows.
  7. Scalability means that the tool can expand to accommodate your team’s growth and handle several projects and teams.

In addition to being highly straightforward to use, which is an undervalued attribute for such a program to have, BasicOps does offer all of these features and more. 

Just start incorporating BasicOps into the majority of the projects. You can avoid a tremendous amount of hassles.


The ideal project management solution for you will ultimately depend on your unique requirements as well as the scope and difficulty of your tasks. To choose which tool would work best for you as well as your team, it may be useful to test out a few alternative options.

Hope this will help!

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