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Magsafe Power Bank

A portable charger built for Apple devices is a MagSafe power bank.  By employing MagSafe technology, giving quick and wireless charging while the move, frequently employing lightweight and small designs that may fit in a pocket/bag, and delivering rapid charging and other sophisticated capabilities to increase battery life and enhance the user experience.

External batteries known as “MagSafe power banks” are made to magnetically fasten cellphones.

In particular, the MagSafe feature of these power banks makes them ideal for usage with iPhones.

What are things you should know about Magsafe Power Bank?

Following Apple’s release of the MagSafe battery pack, curiosity for these power banks first increased.

Since then, several companies have hurried to release their power banks, either at a lower price or with more functionality.

On Amazon, one well-regarded MagSafe power bank makes almost $152K a month.

To increase their utility, power banks are being updating with several additional features.

Compliant devices may charge wirelessly with power banks, eliminating the need for cords.

Power banks that are waterproof are made to resist being submerged in water, which makes them perfect for use in rainy or damp environments, such as during outdoor activities.

Larger, more powerful power banks that can be folded up are typically known as folding power banks. They are therefore quite portable.

As of January 2022, a MagSafe Power Bank is a lightweight battery pack from Apple specifically to use with the MagSafe charging mechanism. 

Apple launched a wireless charging method called MagSafe, which uses magnets. It was first included in MacBooks for the power connection and then made available to iPhones enabling wireless charging. With a strong magnetic attachment. 

a MagSafe Power Bank offers a lightweight power source that securely connects to the rear of an iPhone to enable wireless charging. Utilizing MagSafe technology to line and secure the power source to the back of the handset, it is made to work on the iPhone 12 and subsequent generations.

It’s a good idea to check the most recent information on Apple’s official website or other trustworthy sources for the most up-to-date specifics on MagSafe accessories, since product details, as well as availability, may have changed since the update in January 2022.

Does Apple have any power banks for sale?

Indeed, Apple sells power banks that fit its gadgets. They have many varieties of power banks, such as the Apple Smart Battery Pack and the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, which are made especially for iPhone models.

An iPhone 12 or subsequent model’s back may magnetically hold the Apple MagSafe Power bank, a portable wireless-charging power bank. It has a 1460 mAh capacity and can deliver wireless charging power of up to 15 watts.

It is possible to prolong the battery lifespan of an iPhone by using an Apple Smart Battery Case, which is a protective cover with an integrated battery. With up to 50% more battery life, it is compatible with several iPhone models.

Apart from these alternatives, Apple also sells third-party power banks online and in their physical shops, but they only stock power banks that adhere to their exacting quality and safety requirements.

For iPhones and iPods, Apple does not produce its power banks. 

Companies outside of Apple, like Anker, Belkin, and Mophie, provide power banks that work with Apple products. 

There is a power bank to fit your demands among these. They vary in size and capacity. Lithium-ion batteries are used by the majority of them since they are effective and durable. They are a great option for folks who require to stay charged while on the go because they can charge many gadgets at once. 

To be sure a power bank is appropriate for your Apple device, please review the specifications before making a purchase. 

LED battery indications and quick-charge technology are further elements of these third-party power banks. A great option for dependable power is a power bank that works with Apple products.

What does Apple offer?

Apple sells power banks in addition to its charging accessories, which include AirPods, USB-C power adapters, plus Apple MagSafe chargers. These are capable of charging Apple products such as iPads and iPhones.

There are many lengths of charging cords to choose from, so you can choose one that works for you. Apple and other merchants sell these charging accessories.

APPLE does not sell power banks! earlier it was. Now not.

It’s a MagSafe power supply. your favorite Apple product, which elevates portable charging to a whole new level. Its sole function is to provide wireless charging for the iPhone.

Its capacity is a pitiful 2200 mAH, in comparison to a standard power bank that can easily carry five digits.

It is limited in capacity and requires the MagSafe coil for charging, even in comparison with other MagSafe charge packs. And it came at an astounding $100.

What makes you willing to spend $100 on this thing?

 though? Well, it does a far better job than any other solution at resolving the issues with iPhones operating out of juice when they are not near a power source.

A little comparison of power banks

A conventional power bank

*this not compact, usually heavy.

*need to carry an extra cable around, which is a tedious habit when not in use.

*Ugly and inconvenient to use for a brick that is attached to a cable whenever charging.

*After emptying, it has to connect to a source of power for recharging.

 A rival to MagSafe battery packs.

*When charging, it can be somewhat heavy to hold.

*The battery indication is only four LED lights, not as useful as widgets.

*Since you must hit the power button, what happens if you neglect to switch it off?

* No optimized charging, therefore to prevent overcharging your battery, you must keep in mind when to unplug.

*After empty, further require connection to a power supply for recharging

The things that APPLE hides from you

Be aware that Apple rarely addresses a lot of these issues. users solely use their products to make up for the awful portable charging experience so, it had before purchasing their battery pack.

However, individuals feel compelled to despise Apple because it is highly costly and designed by the company. People still love Apple products since they offer an experience rather than just a product. and fantastic experience in contrast to the rivalry.

The only issue is that thanks to Apple, your pocketbook will feel a lot lighter.

5 best things for choosing a nice power bank.

The following concerns worry consumers when they purchase power banks:

1.0 Capacity of batteries

Selecting a power bank with a maximum capacity of 5000mAh is advised. One benefit is that you can use it to satisfy your basic on-the-go charging needs.

 It is not going to be too heavy for someone else to carry. The power bank gets bigger and heavier as its capacity increases. It defeats the purpose of selecting a power bank in the first place if it is not portable at all.

2.0 Compactness 

It is possible to carry an extra half of an iPhone using certain magnetic charging power banks, which weigh more than 300 grams. This increases the weight and reduces its portability. It is advised to go with a compact, light one instead.

3.0 Charging speed

iPhones can only be charged with 5–7.5W of electricity from any magnetic power bank on the market, not even Apple’s. To reach 15W, this MagSafe Battery Pack additionally requires a 20W+ power adaptor.

 4.0 Magnetic activity  

It is highly recommended that you consider the magnetic suction of potential magnetic power banks while making your selection. Weak magnet power banks rapidly lose their charge when in use. A gentle wave will probably cause it to fall off again during regular use, and the battery bank might cause damage.


Magnets are used by the MagSafe Charger, a wireless charging attachment, to firmly secure it to the rear of your iPhone. It provides effective and convenient charging without the use of cords.

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