top podcast hosting sites for 2022

Top podcast hosting sites for 2022

What exactly is a podcast and how does it work?

Simply a podcast is a set of audio files. Recorded with the assistance of a podcasting service. It is utilized to provide customized news, articles, web courses, or any form of communication to internet users. People use them to bring fresh trending commercial messages to their audience. So this is a good technique to reach their target audiences. so this is just for you…”top podcast hosting sites for 2022″

Artiles are difficult to screen readers. But, listening is more comfortable. So as a digital business tool, a podcast has a much more user-friendly experience. 

Why you can’t record podcasts with the general web hosting service?

The answer is, that it is not designed to do so. Hosts all website files only. So this type of audio recording has additional facilities. Visitors can listen to and download digital audio, So podcasting services are different. They are designed to offer audio recording facilities and media files.

How do I create a strategy?

  • Organize the audio design; the purpose summary eg; according to a content strategy. ( we will soon bring an article on “ how to create a content plan”
  •  Think about the overall time band; Not too long and not too short etc.
  • Make it with proper attraction; Eye-catching means it should be able to reach more viewers. If possible use a female voice. Also possible with a nice young male voice too.
  • The framework; Be delightfully charming and attractive. Word by word, sentence by sentence.

How do I select a good podcast hosting?

Well, our aim is to bring you more help in this matter. it’s good to keep in mind that free options have basic features only. And many added features are available in paid options. You are free to select them depending on the requirement.

What are the most reliable and Top podcast hosting sites for 2022

shall we go through?

1 PodBean

best podcast hosting sites; Podbean
screenshot of the site interface: podbean

This platform is popular as a good place to start your podcast episodes. A magnificently free option is totally enough to get the work done nicely. 

Why do you select PodBean?

  1. Offers unlimited Bandwidth
  2. Easy selection of Podcast hosting plans

How does it work?“top podcast hosting sites for 2022”

Well; we will state the most significant steps

Provides an attractive design outlook. designing tools are can enable with the website, which is targeted. Nice customizable themes are there to select. A user-friendly interface directs you to embed the PodBean Podcats player into the WordPress website page or directly onto the post. 

Can I monetize my podcast episodes with PodBean?

Of course yes, they have a podcasters community with highly engaging. So you can submit selected podcasts directly to the podcast directories. Then the content-seeking visitors can listen or download by using tools given by the PodBean.

It’s a marketing module.+ platform offers podcast promotion tools. As a primary facility, this is an automatic submission of episodes. Available for the audience. They can use podcast episodes.

Pricing: Free plan is enough for general purposes with limited storage. Paid version is available for $9/ month, storage( no limit)

02 Buzzsprout

Best podcast hosting sites: Buzzsprout
screenshot of the site interface: buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is the most convenient method to promote your podcast online.  distribute to your listeners without hesitations. Promotion tools are easy to handle and publish nicely. This is a good platform for podcasting newbies even. They have good customer service too. Join the over 100,000 active podcasters who entrust their podcasts to Buzzsprout.

03 Blubrry

Best podcast hosting sites: BLUBRRY
screenshot of the site interface: blubrry

Blubrry podcast hosting service makes things easy. Really?

podcast publishing is easier. They offer 24/7 live customer support. Migration with no hesitations. The statistical interface is easy to understand. 

Check the pricing below or Select the free version with;

  1. 100 GB bandwidth
  2. Storage up to 5 hours
  3. Offer basic statistics (without a domain)
Best podcast hosting sites: Blubrry
Screenshot “pricing plans: Blubrry

04 Smart Podcast Player ( Premium Plugins) path for “top podcast hosting sites for 2022”

Best podcast hosting sites: premium plugins
screenshot of the site interface: premium plugins

What is the specialty of this? Ok, we will make you know like this…

When you select the podcast hosting service, it’s a must that you need to configure a media player and display podcasts for your website.

Every podcasting company does have not its own configured players. Maybe they do not care about checking it out.+ customization features too. This means most podcasting companies haven’t that option. Unlike smart podcast players.

 We recommend Smart Podcast Player. It allows you to have a media player with a nice outlook. Customize for your requirement. The main thing is you can display individual podcast episodes on the home page. That’s really nice. So users/ viewers can easily browse and select them. Customization facilities fulfill podcasters’ expectations.

05 Transistor 

Best podcast hosting sites: transistor
screenshot of the site interface: transistor

What is this? Is it really a good option? Why Transistor is so much popular? Let’s see what are the benefits. If we summarize

  1. User-friendly interface; it looks like “ wow… this is my podcast place”
  2. Offers better customer service
  3. Reliability 
  4. allows keeping multiple RSS feeds.

06 Sound Cloud

Nice option; sound cloud
screenshot of the site interface: Sound Cloud

This platform is also popular for music and podcasts. Simple and nice one for newbies even. How to use it? Simply add the SoundCloud podcast episode to the place where you want to publish. Example on the WordPress article or page.

For beginners, a 3-hour upload plan is enough. The paid version included a few additional features like Bandwidth, storage, monetization methods, more statistics, and distribution features.

Pricing; paid plan starting from $6/ month. Why not, you can enjoy it with SoundCloud. They provide appealing and appropriate hosting plans.

07 Libsyn

screenshot of the site interface: Libsyn

This is one of the old podcasting services. hence, it’s pretty good as a professional application. Reliable too. The interface is easily understandable. It allows users to publish their episodes in multiple locations as well. And can configure with WordPress websites.  

Our recommendation; “top podcast hosting sites for 2022”

Still goes to PodBean! Why?

  • Podbean has a simple operating process. Good for newbies to get the work done without hesitations.
  • Depending on the flexibility of pricing plans, we suggest Podbean. Worth the purpose. Of course when you seek additional options, still their plans cover additional features at a fair cost.
  • Reliability  

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