how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses

how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses

Well, today we are going to discuss a very important technique with you. Did you read carefully the topic? If yes, or maybe you are struggling with how to find a solution. For this matter. so, this article is just for you. We know. This is a common issue for all of us. Who is trying to? Safe. With Internet surfing. Even if we had a. original operating system. Or having a. Super virus guards. Even we are not safe. 100%. That is the truth. Most people are not telling. The correct situation. or if we do not update them in continuously. That’s a matter of your health of Internet surfing. This means if do not smart in this case, will fall into a vulnerable stage. Or fatal errors can occur. “how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses” is for you.

Recently my computer was also attacked by Ransomware. I got lost all data in all 4 drives total of 1 TB of data. All got encrypted & nothing can do except formatting. So, I was a victim anyhow. It’s pleasure to share my experience with you. 

Let’s get started. 

What are the key factors for internet security? 

This discussion is very important. Because many internet users aren’t aware of this more or less. In this lack of dedication to cover up a secure environment, we hope to present the checklist of internet security. 

What is internet security meant by? Check list for every situation 

  • Use the original operating system, means a paid genuine version with the appropriate product key. 
  • Check all updates are automatically work and solve any issues even manually. 
  • Windows 11, Apple OS are ok with antivirus protections 
  • Or if you are not confident to rely on it, use original internet security solutions available in the market. Use the original software with automatic updates. Hence the developers are continuously researching trending threats and offer solution quickly. For virus guard these auto updates are extremely important. Means if live and latest updates are suitable for new security threats. 
  • Keep updated all using applications. + 3rd party Apps 

The real truth :”how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses” 

Is that all? No, not at all. Because strong internet security comes with behavior+ best practices. Let me clarify this. is that so important? Yes, of course, so what are the real good practices to prevent cyber-attacks and other threats. 

  • Alert on downloading 3rd party apps. Do not directly download and execute in the OS. You can use a virtual Safe box to check this new installation. Then it will not affect drives on the pc. 
  • Before doing that, check manually with the enabled virus guard. Then it will alarm signal. Or maybe warn for suspected security issues. 
  • Be aware of using public Wi-Fi connections. Limit if not urgent. Example; inside the airport. They are vulnerable places that hackers can get access to your device. 
  • Check with the virus scanner always before connecting external USB drives to the device 
  • Change all password periodically for a plan, web admin passwords, web mail PW, including social media accounts. 

How to protect from internet threats 

There are many standard solutions in the software market. Of course, that’s an important point to start. Every protection solution has its specific features. Because the developer teams are different and their focuses are specific. You cannot have more than one virus guard for a pc. It might depend on the task you are using. 

What are the trending and new internet threats? 

  • Viruses  
  • Trojans  
  • Spyware  
  • Ransomware  
  • Cryptojackers  

The 5 best anti-virus softwares for 2022 

01 Bitdefender :”how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses”

"how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses"
screenshot of the app interface; how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses

As a brand reputed company. Trusted by its users. Not only by the cyber security experts. Trusted for common and all-around performances.  as popular virus protection, they have the “people’s award”. This software [plays a significant role in security. So as usual your PC can slow down. But the sacrifice of “slightly slow” is worth the real good protection. 

02 Kaspersky :”how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses”

 ULTIMATE protection:  Kaspersky
screenshot Kaspersky site: how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses

Another trusted and safe pc security protection is Kaspersky. Like other solutions, they have specific protection features like anti-phishing, anti-track. Thye have additional concerns on cyber security too. Like other applications, it has safe browsing & virtual keyboard for typing. 

What is the best virus protection for Windows 10? 

Here Kaspersky has the capability of satisfying security for Win.10. And it’s not much slowing down the machine. 

03 Norton 360 : “how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses”

 Norton 360 next good option
Norton; a good solution; how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses

The Norton 360 is the updated version. Consists of a few important features 

  • PC Safe Cam 
  • Secure VPN 
  • Dark Web Monitoring 

Every solution has its featured options. Depending on the user requirements. So, this is also a good choice. And they have additional facilities for online can use for backup tasks. This is also a nice option out of frame. 

04 MacAfee 

how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses
screenshot of the site: software

The next solution is McAfee. This antivirus software is working against malware. User reviews confirm that. It amazingly detects malware for Windows, Apple Mac, and Android devices. So, McAfee is good at identifying threats fast. And will be able to block the harm. but the problem is it takes more memory to work out. This will cause to slow down the computer as well. 

05 ESET 

best solution to protect from viruses and hackers
screenshot of the interface ESET

This is my kind of brand. Of course, I use this since 2019 without any problem. It gives web protection +. don’t be hesitate to buy the paid version. It’s worth money. So ESET has many features as shown in the screenshot above. I have experience using it for 3 years for my Android device. It can use for a few devices as well. Depending on the purchase plan.  


Please understand how to get done the internet protection task, in order to keep smooth functioning. Free versions are good only for general use. If you won’t have accurate protection, have to use the paid version. Keep updated all the time. Use best behavioral practices. 

best of luck!

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