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Cyber Security

Welcome friends, today we discuss cyber security. Do we really need this? Yes of course. It’s high time to know more. Watch out! Next cyber-attack target, maybe on you? 

What is cyber security? 

“Cybersecurity” is the management system for analyzing threats coming from the internet. This is a primary definition. If we clarify more about this; the monitoring and control system tracks and identifies, harmful programs like viruses, malware, and many kinds of unwanted data coming via the internet. It helps users to protect their computers, networks & servers, etc. This unwanted data is not creating itself. It is formed by humans. So, Cyber security monitoring modules targeting prevent a few things mainly. 

  1. Protect networks from hackers 
  1. Blocking access for unauthorized people 
  1. Anticipating future threats 
  1. Creating solutions and testing  
  1. Calculating, analyzing, and performing efficiently over threats   

What are the challenges of cyber security? Top 6 challenges 

Phishing Scam: 

this is a formal problem. Until now there is no 100% solution. There are a few types of phishing. Like email phishing, spear phishing, fake websites, content injection, malware, and link manipulation. When a spear-phishing attack can occur due to information leakages.

How do a hacker approach, and force down security?

Firstly, a hacker finds information about the respective website or database. Then by knowing the point, he can make a connection. Then hacker is being able to make a productive action. DNS phishing happens when a hacker detects a device exchanging sensitive information like bank details. This can happen, like bank card details sent to a fake website. then the device will send an inverse DNS query report to the DNS server of the respective bank. Now you may understand what will happen if, the bank cannot understand who is the real user. Or hackers will act as the genuine card owner. So, bye for the money of the real users. Information leakage is this. The truth is hackers are targeting bank accounts of multi-millionaires. Even under high-powered security options, hackers are able to catch the information and steal money. 

Cryptocurrency Attacks:

recently news was there, that $3.5M worth of Cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers. It means there were no sufficient cyber security steps taken. By miss behavior of users. 

Blockchains attacks:

this is another field of threat faced 

Remote Workforce matter

this is the most complicated area. Very difficult to cover cyber-attacks. Of course, there are business opportunities with a high workforce. But this remote adaption makes a significant increase in the number of people working remotely.  

(IoT) Attacks

this is also extremely difficult in configuration security. Individual devices have more independence in the process. So still a big challenge 

5G applications

this is another challenging field. All trending 5G applications haven’t sufficient protection. So, this has to be improved. 

 How do we improve security? Here are the 9 best methods  

cyber security
are you ready for cyber security?

This is what we have to do. It’s sometimes useless searching for the “best software” instead. Do this. It will be more productive than expecting everything from an application. It’s wise enough to get treated as “a combination of systematic solutions”? See this listing as total impotency. 

  1. Regular backups: on protection is 100% perfect. That’s the reality. So, decide how often need backups. Then schedule it. Keep few places accessible. This is the first one. 
  1. Password management: many cyber-attacks are happened due to weak passwords. Use strong passwords. Sometimes from 8 –18 characters. 
  1. Use a well-configured firewall: firewalls filter network traffic and pass suitable data. No perfect firewalls.  efficiency depends on how you configure a firewall. 
  1. Keep fully updated on all versions: this is the next good practice. update both 
  1. software and applications: An update is not just adding features to the application. It’s adding security patches too. Even though it will not carry full protection. But most of the time, it is safe than using old versions.  
  1. Train your associates: we have already convinced that the behavior and best practices are playing a big part in this game. So, ensure to educate all IT teams. And regular training updates are necessary. 
  1. Endpoint protection: this is another point to enable sufficient consideration. Endpoints mean. What are the devices and network fronts facing the internet? Ensure to place all possible cyber security applications. 
  1. Limit access: means having thorough control over access. You can have a plan for authorization of access. 
  1. Security over Wi-Fi: everyone knows that this is also a weak point for cyber security. Take suitable steps for preventing cyber-attacks through Wi-Fi 

Is it attackable as they say?  

Yes, maybe. Most of the time. If you agree or not. The reason for cyberattacks is “low consideration on necessary security steps”. If you think “my systems cannot attack”. This is true under certain limits only. Don’t forget that hackers catch easier weak slots. So, get prepared. Think ahead of hackers. Don’t show that you have low protection. Hackers like big games, but they will not miss you perhaps. believe it or not, WordPress news says there are 400,000 WP sites that get attacked every year (on average).  

How do attackers find ways so easily? 

Not so easily, but they study first “how the regular flow is going on”. And they are smart in password tracing. There are many. We do not try to include it here. Our job is to make things comfortable. 

What can a hacker do for my public IP address?

Of course, an excellent question. Let me try to solve it in this way. As you know this is a crucial issue for you as an internet user.  A hacker might take your location and internet presence if they have access to your IP address, which is precious information. These details can use definitely by hackers to access your device, capture your identity, and do other things.

Hackers are at bay if you use proxies to mask your identity.

In a computer system, as you know, a proxy server acts as a middleman in user requests—this kind of server functions as a firewall-building tool and aids in preventing network attacks. So, the following facts are considerable;

How does it happen?

  1. Web requests, which are sent when you wish to view a specific website, first travel through the proxy server.
  2. Your request will be assessed by the proxy server, which will then send it on your behalf to the web server.
  3. Even though the proxy server modifies the data you submit when it relays your online requests, you will still receive the requested web content.
  4. A proxy server will modify the IP address to conceal the precise location from the web server. Some proxy servers additionally use encryption algorithms like AES or RSA to encrypt the data.
  5. Although it won’t be useful to the intended receiver, after the material has been encrypted, it will be to others.

How Can a Proxy Server Safeguard Your cyber security?

Can proxy server enhance cyber security?
  • Enhancing Privacy;  A proxy server is using users to access the internet discreetly, whether they are at home or at work. Upon request, the proxy server modifies the host computer’s IP address and other data required by the web. In this manner, the true requester is not visible clearly to the destination server. These protect a person’s browsing history and private information.
  • Increasing Security; Proxy servers offer security advantages in addition to privacy advantages. To prevent information snooping, businesses or individuals can configure their proxy server to encrypt web requests. Because they filter when using a proxy, or malware websites. so no way to access it. 

The business incorporates a Virtual Private Network( VPN) with its proxy server for further protection. In contrast, a VPN operates at the OS level, whereas proxies operate at the application level. The enterprise proxy can use remote users to access the internet.

Is it 100% safe for any cyber security module?  

No, not at all. This is the truth. this is an endless struggle. leading cyber security companies are trying to offer solutions.

Is a firewall enough for cyber security? 

Maybe but it depends. Nothing is perfect. Use good configurations. This topic has a wider range. So, we discuss it soon, await soon.

so we conclude at this point. we will meet you with a good discussion. read more related topics, quantum computing, IoT, Cloud computing

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