best keyword resources for site ranking

Best keyword resources for site ranking

In this context, we are going to give a fine solution for the keyword struggle. This is very difficult even for highly trending websites. And this is a matter of business. So, the commercial value of this process is also high. it’s time to have a significant effort to derive the “best keyword resources for site ranking” at the research level. If we simplify this at the primary level… 

What is keyword research? 

If we do not clear this, will be ended up with something you don’t want to see. A keyword is a term that uses your target audience type on the search engine’s bar. when you don’t know the exact term, you may look for an assumption that is closer to the search terms popular recently. This means the intention of the target audience to type out to search for an exact answer to a specific question. Remember people do not want to read your stuff even they are really good. They are searching for the best solution.  

What is Google wants to know? now due to the SEO rank, websites boosting up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). So, this is not too easy to find out. Then we have to find a solution that “Best keyword resources for site ranking” keyword research is this. There are many good tools. But choosing resources is also a game.  it’s not a single technique. And have to use multiple sources to get the job done nicely.  

What is really Google looking for? 

 As a leading search engine, Google wants to know that what are the best answers to frequently asked questions. If they can find really good stuff in this manner, it’s enough for them to maintain their business. For that, they use many automatic tracing methods. Depending on highly trending keywords, they identify information by scanning websites. And they rank sites in a certain manner, which is not announced.

How to find the best SEO keywords? Here are 7 best options  

searching for “best keyword resources for site ranking”

Technique 01: Google’s search features  on the SERP

When you type on the search bar of the search engine, you may see “people also ask ” and “related searches”. This is a good primary experiment. It says the search intent of the target audience. 

google chrome mobile search result March 2022: (screenshot)

Technique 02: Check featured snippet information 

When your content king is really dominating his power, Google will give you a surprise by choosing a featured snippet. It is a highlighted definition Google’s AI Bots noticed. Similarly, you can try for this actually. Even not easy to win, but while creating effort on this, your SEO goes up. So, it will not be useless. 

google chrome mobile search result March 2022: (screenshot) featured snippet list type

Technique 03: Spy on competitor’s internal site searches 

This is one of the good practices. Just spy on the other’s audience, which has already successful keyword ideas. Identify & select the target keyword’s competitor site. Look for search intent there. Then you will notice what are the “most searchable terms” or “top searches”. Consider them too. Remember we discover search intents.  this is a way to know “what are people searching for”. You will see incredible search terms which never come to your mind. While the other website designs are quite different, this is an additional effective way. 

On the other hand, 90% of the time this is not working. The reason is websites are not designed to track this info. I personally checked this. Even in also. In your own interest can check for better results. 

Technique 04: Spy on competitor’s backlink profile 

Backlinks exactly like internet currencies, available in every site optimizing strategy. Use a tool like Ahref, SEMrush, Moz, etc. Go through carefully what are the highly engaging links. Why not try them and add them to your box.  

An anchor text format looks like this; 

<a href=“”>Example Anchor Text</a> 

The yellow highlighted part is the place to look on for the target keywords. The Green highlighted section is the target link.   As an example 

<a href=“http://”> how-many-backlinks-needed-for-rank-on-google </a> 

in this case ” backlinks”, “rank” are identified as keyword resources. This means the words “backlinks” and “rank on google” are now found as keyword intents. It’s time to add our keyword research tool to find further related key phrases. And then can find more suggestions around the anchor texts. 

Technique 05: Research on more niche keywords 

This is a strategy of mining key terms. Keep alert on trending products and services, events, news. Holiday functions etc. You will wonder how many important and popular terms are discovered. This is just like a secret mission. You are very closely alert on these occasions than your competitors. These tending key terms are available in many industry-level trends focusing on services. Like “Google trends”. And they have plenty of updated data on the target niches. So, this is a good resource to use. this is how to find trending keywords.

best keyword resources for site ranking
keyword trends: screenshot March 2022, example search

Technique 6: look for trending search intents appeared on popular sites

As humans, we are searching for the best things always. we tend to look and try to buy popular products. people use highly interesting sites like YouTube, FaceBook, Amazon, Instagram. if you really want to get the incredible search terms, why not try on these sites? of course, there you can see the target audience, and “what are searching for?” means their intents to buy different things.

Technique 7::Check google autocompletion

Did you ever notice that when you enter a search query on the search tab Google? What has happened? It gives auto search suggestions. These terms are searched by a good number of people. So, this is a good point of valuable data. Go through carefully what are the words people searched for? here highlighted terms are important to use as keywords.

google chrome mobile search result March 2022: (screenshot) autocomplete terms

What is the best tool for “best keyword resources for site ranking?”

 In our experience, Ahref’s Keyword research tool is the best one. It’s not meant other tools are bad. But it is on the top.  

  • The user interface is scientifical 
  • facilities provided are result oriented 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Reliability etc. 

does increased traffic help SEO?

To a certain extent, it can help, as you’re increasing the direct throughput of traffic into your site thus increasing how much visitors will evaluate your site and content and basically get you more chances for building site ranking for relevancy.

Of course, there are many good keyword research methods. we will discuss them in our next articles. so we will conclude at this point.

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