how to transcribe your business meetings to text?

AI Transcription

What is AI transcription? a method of transcribing meetings, interviews, and other audio recordings that employs artificial intelligence to convert spoken words into text. 


AI transcription is the name given to computer programs that employ artificial intelligence task

Human transcription is still much more accurate even if AI transcription is typically faster and less expensive.

What is transcription?

Compared to 80%–86% for AI transcription, humans have an average accuracy rate of 99%.

That is why businesses that do not demand accuracy rates of 99% or higher are increasingly using AI transcription.

Trending startups offering solutions for AI transcription include Snipd and Speechmatics.

What is ASR? 

An aspect of the Enterprise Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) meta trend is AI transcription. In the following 4 years, the market for ASR expects to increase by 3x.

And a large portion of this need is met by businesses.

The use of ASR technology helps streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks.

For instance, an employee can voice-request a certain document instead of wasting time looking for it, and speech recognition AI will discover it.

Your particular demands and objectives will determine the finest provider of internet transcriptions.

The popular technologies are…

  1. NLP (natural language processing), 
  2. NER (natural entity recognition), 
  3. ASR (automatic speech recognition)
  4. machine learning and 
  5. TTS 

are among the technologies that make up conversational AI (Text-to-Speech).

Users may communicate (interact) with computers thanks to this collection of technologies. Companies all around the world are automating consumer engagement by employing conversational AI Chatbots & Voicebots.

So, Using conversational AI provides several benefits, including;

  • improved customer satisfaction, 
  • reduced support costs, 
  • high customer satisfaction scores, 
  • higher digital sales, 
  • and much more.

With Floatbot’s SaaS-based conversational AI platform, you can create and use AI-Powered Voicebots & Chatbots without writing any code. 

We will further clarify to understand newbies easily…

What does natural language processing include, and what uses does it serve?

The interaction of computers with human (natural) languages is the focus of the discipline of natural language processing (NLP), which combines computer science, artificial intelligence, & linguistics. Its main objective is to make it possible for computers to identify, comprehend, and create genuine language. Its applications may be observed in a wide range of aspects of our life, such as:

1.0 Voice recognition 

To develop phone menus and automate spoken requests.

2.0 Text mining as well as sentiment analysis 

For rapid and precise examination of reviews and feedback.

3.0 Machine translation 

The ability to translate texts automatically from one language into another.

4.0 Chatbots 

To offer automated customer support and help users swiftly address their problems.

5.0 Question-answering tools 

To give clients prompt, precise responses to their inquiries.

Like that, there are plenty of benefits. It’s quite astonishing to consider how useful Natural Language Processing may be in so many facets of our life. Despite all of its incredible uses, I still like a good old-fashioned discussion with a real human!

I want to create machine learning models, but how can I access datasets?

Do you have an interest in doing this? 


Briefly, we‘ll mention how to do it.

There is more than just text data collected in the data set. Data Set Collection generally includes;

  1. Voice Data Collection, 
  2. Video Data Collection, 
  3. Picture Dataset Collection, and 
  4. Video Dataset Collection. 

Let’s take a short drive to these data repositories.

This is the way if you try it really

10. Audio and Speech Data Collecting

Voice and speaking patterns vary from person to person. Their dialect, pronunciation, tempo, and intonation vary. The development of automatic speech recognition systems is extremely challenging due to these factors.

however, The development of automatic speech recognition systems is extremely challenging due to these factors.

AI Speech Data Collection identifies how individuals construct and pronounce commands to voice assistants. 

An important aspect of AI recognition is…

when people react to speech recognition systems and remark on them, how people speak and emphasize pre-defined words, and how well sentences are recognized when they are spoken by people from different backgrounds and with varying background noise. Your audio-based systems must receive the best AI training possible due to this dynamic nature.

2.0 The collection of video data

Getting a lot of high-quality training data is crucial for creating,

  1. AI-based surveillance, 
  2. motion tracking, and 
  3. gesture guidance systems. 

Motion pictures, gestures, sporting events, scenes, things, animals, and many other types of information are all included in this data. Quality control, video recordings, illumination, a sizable number of video sets of data, and personalized training data are the main areas of attention for AI.

3.0 Collection of image data sets

For successful picture recognition and evaluation when using photos for machine learning, every AI system has to train using the right and model-specific photo data sets. For all kinds of deep learning and machine learning applications, it has to collect a wide range of image datasets and annotate them.

To train machine learning models using the most complete picture datasets & deep learning images, a wide range must be made available.

What are the real good AI transcription tools?

A few good choices are as follows:

1.0 Rev

Rev is a well-known transcribing service that charges reasonably for excellent transcriptions. They provide a variety of services, such as captioning and subtitling for movies and television shows, as well as audio and video transcriptions.

2.0 Scribie

Another well-known online transcribing provider with quick turnaround times and an intuitive interface is Scribie. They provide transcriptions that are both done by humans and machines.

3.0 TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a reputable transcription service providing excellent transcriptions in various languages. To ensure high-quality transcriptions, they combine AI technology with human transcribers.

4.0 GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a website that provides transcribing services with quick turnaround times, an easy-to-use platform, and round-the-clock customer assistance. They provide transcriptions that both work with humans and machines.

GoTranscript has a group of committed transcriptionists, subtitlers, translators, and closed captioners who are committed to meeting project deadlines and accuracy standards for audio/video transcripts, subtitles, etc.

So, Some of the explanations for my choice are…

Software Type

GoTranscript is 99% ok. As a result, the user transcribing service; as a result, there won’t make any mistakes produced by automatic software in your transcript. But, I’ve found that this has no effect on sending how quickly transcripts.

accuracy of the transcript

GoTranscript guarantees 99% accuracy on all of its transcripts, including those for audio files with challenging accents. Good internet testimonials for its transcribing services only support the high standard of quality. they use A multi-step technique to accomplish this. Files are first segmented and then transcription is done. 

however, Professionals then evaluate and proofread them. To assure 99% correctness, a last quality check is performed.

While many businesses just refuse poor-quality recordings, GoTranscript takes them for a little bit more money while still guaranteeing a high accuracy rate.

Within a few days, the business may send files within as little as 6 hours. The cost of the video and audio transcription services varies according to the time period you select. If you select Express delivery, you should have your transcript in six to twelve hours because the crew is available around-the-clock. 


Here’s some good news: GoTranscript offers a ton of free resources. We cherished the Customer Loyalty program, which offers 5%, 10%, and 15% off depending on how many minutes you submit.


The software offers its customers a variety of features to enhance the transcripts’ quality. Secondly, there is a straightforward editor that works all right but lacks more sophisticated features like spellcheck or manual timestamp.

5.0 Verbit

Verbit is a real-time captioning and transcription service with audio and video sources. It is powered by artificial intelligence. To ensure quick and accurate transcriptions, they deploy cutting-edge AI technology.

These are only a few of the numerous internet services for transcription that is offered. When selecting the best provider of online transcriptions, take into account your unique requirements, spending limit, and preferences.

Do you know of any reliable websites or tools for free video transcription?

Here are a handful of the most well-known free video transcription programs and websites that can be found online:

1.0 YouTube

An automatic captioning capability that can translate videos into several languages is already incorporated into YouTube. 

However, you might need to update the captions because this feature is only sometimes completely accurate.

A YouTube video can transcribe in a variety of ways. These are what they are:

Use the YouTube transcription

Many people are unaware that each video on YouTube also comes with a transcription.

The instructions below make it simple for you to obtain it

  • click the YouTube video’s More button.
  • Choose Transcript> Choose Language
  • To copy, pick all the transcripts and their timestamps.

As a result, this transcript has to be modified because it was generated automatically by YouTube.

So, we must know, when transcribing to a language, which is less popular or rarely using one, it cannot perform as we expect.

As an example transcribing to Sanskrit, there you can see many mismatches.

Hence, while it may not be as exact, it is still free to use and usable with some careful editing.

2.0 Happy writing

A free internet transcribing tool called Happy Scribe can translate videos into many different languages. The tool yields reliable results and is simple to use.

3.0 Temi

Temi is a transcription tool powered by AI that can translate videos into many languages. Although the program is free to use, there is a monthly cap on the number of films you can transcribe.

3.0 Otter

is a free online video transcription tool that supports different languages. The tool is simple to use and delivers reliable results.

Time-saving Meeting Notes with Automation-

Otter can automatically attend and record your meetings on  Microsoft Teams, Zoom, & Google Meet. when your calendars connect to Google or Microsoft. On the web, through the Android or iOS app, or live, follow along.

4.0 Google Docs

The built-in video typing capability in Google Docs allows you to listen to the audio. and afterward, receive the written version instantly.

This is a fantastic free approach to creating a transcript for a YouTube video or any other video, but for it to function, the video’s audio quality must be high and it could still require some editing.

Video transcription is possible using Google Docs’ built-in Voice Typing capability. The captions may need to edit because this function is not always accurate.

The things you should know when using any  AI transcription tools

It’s vital to keep in mind that, despite being practical and time-saving, automatic transcribing systems might not always be accurate, particularly when dealing with accents from other countries, background noise, or specialized language. Proofreading and editing the transcription are always advisable.

What advantages and disadvantages do voice recognition programs for transcribing have?

Using voice recognition software for transcribing applications has several benefits. It is an affordable option, especially for new companies and small organizations who cannot afford pricey transcribing services. By giving them an automatic typing substitute, speech recognition software may also assist transcribers in their tasks.

What program is most effective for automatically transcribing audio files, including music and voice memos?

we can recommend a very effective and dependable auto-transcription application to you. if you wish to convert audio files, such as music and voice notes, into text files. Wondershare is the name of this program. 

A variety of tools for managing audio, video, and picture data are combined online. Your audio files may rapidly convert into text files by using the “Auto Transcription” module.

With the aid of the subsequent stages,

How to use this tool?

It’s so simple.

ltherefore, et’s rapidly learn how to transcribe audio files:

  1. Open the “Auto Transcription” module from the “Tools” menu on Wondershare’s official website.
  2. You must use the “Upload video or audio” button on the tool page to upload the first audio clip to be transcribed.
  3. Just choose the language of the audio file and click “Transcribe Now” when the audio file has been submitted.The audio recording will then be analyzed and converted into a text file right away.
  4. You may use the “Download text” option to save the finished text file to your local drive when transcription is complete.
  5. Now you may transcribe the rest audio files by pressing the “Transcribe more” button.

An important aspect to remember

Accuracy is the major drawback of voice recognition software.

(even for AI transcription) 

similarly, Several transcriptional mistakes might cause misunderstandings between the listener and the speaker.


To sum up, of course, AI transcription is not rocket science. Hence, try to find out suitable tool for this. Suppose you may try a few online tools. 

therefore, No need to be 100% perfect. 

And then match with your business requirement. Make it alive, that’s it.

Hope this content helps


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