how to make an NFT

How To Make An NFT?

Hi friends, today we are going to inspire you by offering a highly trending topic. Absolutely mind-blowing. NFT, yes Non-Fungible Tokens, world’s biggest rapidly trending digital currency form. Really? Of course, let us clarify further. Read until the end. Do not bypass and read step by step.

Can I create digital NFT art?  

Yes, initially simple. Just create a few different creative unique arts only. But the process inside is a bit complex. For this, you don’t want a business. No marketing & products are needed. Even no need for technical knowledge. Equal opportunity for all. It works through simple buying and selling. It’s so easy like buying something from your favorite online store.

This digital art market behaves in tremendous flux. One day there is a $10K profit on one piece. But just the next day it will dump into no value. See, this is how the game. If you are ready for the smart game. This piece of content is for you. so let’s do it now?  

How to create a digital asset? In 9 steps

Well, how to start? Here we suggest what actually should do. This is not too difficult. The thing is to make sure not to miss any step. 

01: Collect your item:

Decide your item first. It can be an artwork, a song, or a video. Once you collect the NFT item, then customize as much as you can. NFTs are unique as mentioned in our earlier article. The word “cryptographic tokens” is a good definition. Ye google says. Available and perform on a specific blockchain. The awesome thing is it cannot replicate. Of course, It can copy. By copying it does not change the original owner’s item value. That is why it is unique. So actual value is can vary depending on the demand. Let’s start. Don’t wait to know everything at once. Let it be there. You can learn many things by working on it. Because still, this remains a fresh concept. Also, highly trending. 

02: Select blockchain:

Ok, now we selected our unique digital asset successfully. There are many blockchain platforms. Select any trusted one. Once you’ve selected your unique, example Ethereum. we will bring a separate article on Blockchains. For the time being, just keep in mind it is a digital recording system. Not like other general records. It transcripted into a unique code, which is safe and cannot change.  

03: How to mint?

minting is the process for authorization. after finishing all customizations now ready-made NFTS are now with you. Then “mint” it. Minting means “tokenizing an item”. Actually, NFT carries the meaning itself. We try to clarify further. Luckily there are many marketplaces to do this. And these platforms will give that authentication. It’s like a guarantee. so we don’t need to worry about “minting”. The only thing is this not free sometimes. But can do at a low cost. Sometimes they ask you to pay a “Gas Fee”. Costing for initiation on the respective blockchain. 

04: Did you understand the concept of “Unique”?

Don’t get mess-up. You cannot mint your artwork in any other blockchain. By doing this will be a cancellation within the platform. They have the right to do so. Even your artwork maybe rise or maybe fall down. Unique means a constant non-change digital assert. So don’t try to “re- mint”. Nothing exists like that. 

05: Digital wallet setup

Set up a digital wallet as shown in the platform already selected. Example Opensea. There is enough guidance. So, no need to replicate. Just follow the steps and create the wallet. It is a collection of artworks. Which is open up for functioning. 

06: Selecting NFT marketplace

This is the stage of creating the online shop for your own NFT sales. Use something like Opensea. They offer facilities to set up all easily. So, create a Contract and Mint Tokens. And List them for sale. You can use opensea. 

07: Add more NFTs:

continuously upload the account you created. Then keep uploading. that’s it. 

08: Maintain sales:

by Setting up the sales workspace, you can do this. The platform gives facilities. 

09: Advertising:

for any type of business, advertising is necessary. The App will give the traffic for the artworks. So, keep in touch for promotions. 

How to create NFT with AI? 

I will show a simple and easy method for creating NFT with AI. Python is Python in simple words? Python uses interpretation and it is object-oriented. Easy to work with. A high-level programming language. The advantage is simple and easy to learn. You don’t need to learn fully. Just follow the steps as we say. For easy learning, we will add a YouTube tutorial

Is it possible to buy and sell on NFT? 

Can I buy an NFT on OpenSea? There are other platforms too. Opensea is somewhat trusted by users. Of course, yes.  try to buy. It’s no matter ok. But have a plan and target for selling at the right will like 10K times or more if you when exactly. 

why many people cannot stay on the NFT game. 

Common people cannot handle this kind of excitement. And many people buy in too late (FOMO). while the price of the “creation of specific art” is already boosting up. By the time they hold it, the potential value will be missed. 

many people try to sell too early with the wrong time calculation.  but the real peak is yet to come? Emotionally cannot do this. If you are among the most people, don’t waste time on study how to enter this fresh market. and learn how to navigate it. This is a fresh trend that very few people know about. 

Is this something like gambling? 

No, it’s smarter than gambling. If you have the patience and focus on target can earn millions of revenues. If you don’t have both, don’t start even. Mind your other business 

Well… friends, we will conclude at this point. and see you soon.

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